My youngest son hits 16 this week, usually I’d say I don’t know where the years went. He is my no.5 child and I can remember every year!

He like most of his comtemporaries, spends his time rebelling, such as wearing the same jeans ,shoes, jacket as all his peers and  listening to rock music at a deafening volume. Now as anyone who was a teenager in the 60/70’s knows that Rock music has to be loud to appreciate it. I only object when others are in the house besides me, the rest of the time I dance about and have learnt alot of “Muse” lyrics, although my elder son ,now a Father, will tell you from when he was in this mode, I rarely get the Lyrics right. This causes the rock star to shout “Shut up Mum, you are singing it all wrong!”.I do ,however, think that some words are not suitable for a Minis. wife to sing!

He spends most of his time horizontal, but does get up to play his own music on his electric guitar and make tea. Actually I am quite impressed with his playing, especially as he is self taught, it is not cool to say so, but I do notice a smile if I comment.

Our neighbours probably think that there is a “mosh pit ” in The Manse most nights.(For those unfamiliar with the term, thats when those listening to a band stand and bang their heads forward in time to the music, often resulting in whiplash!)

I have been known to tell people that I am growing a boy in the back bedroom. I pop food through the door and cups of tea and he comes out occasionally having grown another foot in height. He now bends down to hug me, ooopps it’s not cool to tell you that either!

We do discuss things together such as time dimensions, the recession and politics. It doesn’t seem long since he was stumbling over the words of “Mrs Wobble the Waitress” and “Mrs Plug the Plumber”.

Having reared his 3 big sisters, elder brother and having his younger sister turning 14, I have often longed for a child nurturing manual, or at least an “on/off” switch!

As they grow up and eventually leave home, you hope you have taught them enough to survive and made them into reasonably nice human beings.

I have never forced any of them to go to church, although they have attended Sunday school and services at times, but how can you choose what you believe or understand faith if you have no knowledge of it. I am certain that the greatest gift that I can wish for them,  which is priceless and to be treasured, is a relationship with the Living God.


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