Here I go again!

My bloods are done, my bag is packed… sounds like a country song. I think it’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane” by John Denver. How I wish that I was! Unfortunately I am returning to Hospital ,so that they can make a second attempt on my life, on Wednesday.

The Hospital have rung me twice, and even asked if I wanted to speak to the head Physician, but I don’t. I have no control over the procedure no matter who I speak to. Therefore I put myself in Gods hands where I feel totally safe, and ask that he guides the hands of the person who puts the wires into my heart this time, as it is solely their expertise that is the difference between success or failure.

The Doctors spend a long time describing the complications that could occur, as if this shifts the blame to me if anything untoward happens, after all I elected to have it done. Maybe thats what we all do if we mess up, blame someone else.Being one of God’s children has the benefit of being able to own up and be forgiven without the misdemenour being mentioned again. How fantastic is that.

Only thing is, he says “Forgive others as you wish to be forgiven yourself.”  That makes you think!


5 thoughts on “Here I go again!

  1. Nic Houghton

    Dear Jen,
    Spring is on the way, and I know you will NOT want to miss that. You are not going through this alone. Oh I know you’ll be the one having the needles and the procedure, but you will be in my thoughts and prayers until you come through this, and there will be many people supporting you in the same way.
    Nic x

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