Haggis,Highlands and Islands.

I wasn’t going to write anymore until next week but I have just been to the Mid Argyll Music Festival. This is where choirs from various schools and organisations and child musicians compete against each other. It can be an excruciatingly painful experience as numbers of children sing wildly out of tune and their “harmonies” could rival any frisky tom cat, while their proud Mummies smile and nod and sing along oblivious to the racket.

However, and I did miss most of the Primary Schools renditions, the standard seemed much higher this year and I enjoyed the singing, a few crunched notes here and there were made up for by the melodious tunes picked, some Adele, Enya and traditional Scottish songs, which were set pieces.

My number 6 child, 4th female, was in the Intermediate Gaelic Choir. Sometimes, if you listen to Radio Gaelic, as I’m sure you all do 🙂 ,breathy solos , for me, are a bit tedious, but I do like a bit of “diderdly diderly” music, a song sung whilst weaving or spinning which gets up quite a rhythm, or a tune on the pipes and accordion.

Anyway, Coisir Og Dhailriata, the Dalriada Choir, of which our youngest is a member ,sang beautifully, and I joined the proud mums smiling at their offspring because they honestly were good.Good diction and pitch, and they came home with the Bannatyne Plate!

She was not so pleased with the uniform, a tartan (what else?) skirt, “black watch” I think, knee-length, not like the school skirt  whose description should be “belt”, black shoes and flesh coloured tights. Now flesh coloured tights on a porcelain Scots lassie are fine, but if you are mediterranean looking or mixed race ,as she is, they look slightly wrong. She covered it all up with a sweat shirt to travel, as she said that she felt like a 98-year-old trying to look hip in a hoodie. Not 98 , D. just a bit middle-aged!

It’s good enough for her D!

Now they are aiming for the  Mod, Mod means a festival or gathering. These are very competitive, but all these competitons give rise and consolidate that feeling of community, so central to Argyll and Highland living. I doubt that I shall ever be able to learn Gaelic, despite reciting phrases from CD’s in the car, but if you sing “Haggis,Highlands and Islands Board” quite fast, it does sound a bit like it!


2 thoughts on “Haggis,Highlands and Islands.

  1. Nic Houghton

    Philippine schools are run on a strict regime. The girls always look very demure in their uniform skirts, which MUST be worn below the knee. None of them try to hitch them up immediately outside the school gates. I’d submit a photo, but a balding middle-aged westerner photographing uniformed school girls, would I think, attract the wrong sort of attention.

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