Heart Warming

Having emerged from my medicated mist, I can now write without “brain ache”. Well, what a difference in my hospital admission! I was treated like a V.I.P! I trundled up to the waiting area at 7.30 a.m along with a large group of very nervous looking folk. I sat down next to an elderly gentleman who told me how worried he was, ” Don’t worry” I said ” Look I’m back for a second time, they treated me so well!”. He laughed and relaxed a bit ,and I thought “you are a bit of a fibber Jen”.

A Nurse came to collect us and said to follow him to the day unit, so we all got up, then he said , “Unless you are waiting for an Ablation.” I was the only one for this surgery, funnily enough, so off I trotted round to the Cardiology ward as he directed. I was met at the desk and escorted to my room.  No plastic recliner for me then! It had pretty blue curtains and a blue bedspread, and I was told to rest on it!!

My Kenyan Nurse was lovely and so knowledgable, and I found out that in the last 6 weeks they had appointed a new charge nurse and she had the ward running like a dream. However, I did discover that some of the staff involved in my care at my last admission no longer worked for the Hospital, and I did feel a pang of guilt, but not for long.

I was first on the list, the” Consultant Cardiologist, ablation for AF and Lead investigator of clinical trial of AF ablation in patients …” came to see me with none less than Dr. “Large Handbag”! She would not make eye contact with me at all, and I felt sorry for her.

No small gloomy catherisation lab. for me this time either, I was taken to a huge brightly lit theatre ,where I was introduced to everyone, and there were even two “REPS.” because the equipment was so new!I sought out “Large Handbag” and gave her a pat on the arm and told her that it was OK to talk to me and I wouldn’t bite. I couldn’t help sniggering as I thought of the “Vampire treatment”, she’d given me last time, i.e a stab through the heart , well I found it funny. Anyway she smiled and spoke to me for a bit.

No embarrassing audience experiences while I was prepped, and we were off. Lots of sedation, so I felt very little, but I was able to watch my heart being fixed on a screen, most interesting, when I was able to keep my eyes open! The only uncomfortable bit was when they actually froze bits of tissue around the pulmonary arteries and made my diaphragm flip to check on the nerve. They said it caused a pain in your head similar to that  you get when you eat ice cream, in  my case it felt more like someone was crushing my sinuses in my cheeks, but it was all worth it.

I remember them telling me that they were going to “zap me” to put my heart back into rythmn, I have two patches from this with the outline of the sticky pads on my skin, and I noticed this morning that the one on the side of my ribs is now heart shaped, that made me laugh  too! For this I was “put out”, their words. They apparently went back over their work while I was quiet and couldn’t interfere, with a bit of  cauterisation and, so I was informed, got “silence” , not just from me but my heart, so when they “paced “it ,it stayed in rythmn. This sounds very good!

When I returned to the ward , I think I slept until the Rev. turned up. I remember him talking but I kept drifting. Nothing unusual there then. In fact I think I slept through most of my time in the ward! The Night Nurse remarked ” You certainly had a few drugs!”. Sedation mixed with Morphine plus anaesthetic,I suppose thats one way of shutting me up.

I honestly cannot thank the staff enough this time, they were caring ,considerate and professional. I just wish that I hadn’t had to shake them up so much. I have written to the “powers that be” at the Hospital, and praised them for implementing all the changes that I suggested, and told them that I hope this treatment extends to everyone admitted there, not just the vocal ones like me.

Now take heart from this (snigger!! oh sorry) you do not have to put up with bad trearment, you can get things changed. Don’t focus on the negative, but suggest ways that they can improve procedures and talk to the people involved.

I thank you all for your prayers and concern, God listened and answered you.

I am recovering well, my no 3 daughter looked after me for 3 days, and returned home yesterday, so I am back in the saddle today, but not overdoing it. I’ve kept The Rev. in his routine , that way he doesn’t get stressed and nor do I, so he’s gone off for the day to swim and a run with his mates.

Well I need to sort out “Frankie and Bennies ” now, I have always had good food and service in their restaurants but the one in Clydeside… oh yuck! But thats another story……..


8 thoughts on “Heart Warming

  1. Nic Houghton

    Constructive criticism never hurts. It is often difficult for organisations to see the customer’s side. So glad you came through it all OK; and yes, thanks to the medical staff. I’m sure spring and its regeneration of new life will look and feel especially good to you this year.

  2. Jo

    your words & thoughts are lovely Jen !
    So So pleased everything went so well , rest now and dont rush back into things,x

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