Retail Therapy

My recovery from my op. was mostly uneventful, apart from resembling a boiled lobster when the Morphine allergy hit. It felt like I’d fallen into a bed of nettles and been bitten by thousands of midges at the same time. My face was fat and I invented a new dance, lift one knee tuck your elbows in and wiggle, and hope that the other customers in Lidl don’t notice. Thankfully it’s passed and I can now go out in public without frightening people.

Actually I’ve been out and about quite a bit. Youngest daughter and I had a birthday shopping trip to Oban, as our birthdays are only two days apart. We decided to go by bus as the Rev. is not good at shopping and gets very distressed if he has to open his wallet too often.

The day we caught the bus ,was the first time this particular driver had driven this route, and I gathered hadn’t driven a bus this size that much before. I call it a bus, these are the large coach sized ones that fill the road from kerb to white line. So he took it pretty steady. If you are unfamiliar with the route, I should explain that it climbs up and down hills just under mountain size (my measurements!), winds around Lochs, with usually only a grass verge or a tiny crash barrier between the road, a long drop or deep water. In a car it doesn’t seem too bad but sitting up high in something that takes up all the  road , with an inexperienced driver and on the day the Forestry Commission decided to send loaded log lorries in the opposite direction, i.e . straight at us, it was a bit nerve wracking!

An instructor sat behind him offering advice as when to use certain gears and where to pull in. We only missed one bus stop and the folk kindly toddled down the road and caught us up. It is necessary to take a short detour to collect passengers from a tiny Lochside village. This means that this elephant of a coach turns off the main road and travels for a couple of miles on a road where it touches both hedgerows with tiny passing places dotted here and there that are practically on the beach. On arriving at the village it reverses into the fire station and retraces the route!

After an hour and a half,we arrived safely, spent rather more than we ought and went to catch the only return bus for that day. Now you would think that you would catch it from one of the stances at the “bus station”, after all that’s what they are for. We checked each one but unless we wanted to go to Fort William and beyond, there was nothing. So we asked those waiting in these perspex boxes. They were all tourists who had no idea. We tried a shop, “opposite the bank ” she said. We’d already been there! As we wandered back towards the bus shelters I spied a woman with shopping, who looked like a local, ” Do you know where we catch the bus to Lochgilphead?” I asked. ” Oh yes!” ,she replied, “It’s the green lamppost by the blue van.” Of course why hadn’t I thought of that! Derhhh! I hope for the summer tourists sake, the council put a notice up. May be I should write to them as well.

The bus duly came and the driver grinned, it was the same one who had driven us on the journey up. We pootled back down country and he dropped us off at the bottom of the Glen. “Hope it wasn’t too harrowing! ” He laughed. Not at all we lied, had he noticed me kiss the ground when I got off??


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