Look out Sussex we’re on our way!

Whoo the weeks have sped by ,and as I was reminded, I haven’t written any thing for a while. So much to do in the Parish my feet have hardly touched the floor.

I am off to Islay tomorrow on the 6.30 am ferry, leaving home at 5.30, up at 4a.m! The Rev. assures me they do a good breakfast on the ferry. We are not on holiday, the youngest is singing at the Mod. Their slot isn’t until after lunch but we have to be in Bowmore by 9. Early bed tonight, hope the hens get away early.

We are looking after our neighbours’ hens and gigantic rabbits too, our “girls” live in 5* accommodation compared with these, but they lay some lovely large eggs. I thought how nice the fluffy bunnies were until I approached one to give it a stroke, they both turned around and growled ferociously, so I won’t try that again. My no.2 daughter had a miniature one once that gave a hefty nip when it growled, with the size of these chaps, I could lose a finger!

I am almost ready for the wedding of no.3 daughter. My outfit seems to meet with approval daughters 4 and 3, so I must be O.K on that front. A small boutique in Oban, known as “La coeur rouge de Grande-Bretagne” 🙂 was a great help, with a brand new Marks and Sparks handbag and fasinator.

Fasinators seem the thing to wear, I suppose it saves messing up your hair with a hat, although I could have  “borrowed” a few feathers from our black hen and made one. It will be cool at least if the temperatures down South are at their usual for June .

No.4 daughter and I are travelling by public transport, 2 1/2 hour bus to Glasgow, train to Euston, lift to Hastings. Coming home we thought we might be adventurous, train to Ashford, train to St. Pancras, train to Berwick on Tweed, stay a night explore the Elizabethan walls, especially as I haven’t been there since being a Bible College student, then train to Edinburgh next day, train to Glasgow and bus back home.

By then we should have had enough travelling for a while, although on our journey to Oban the other day we were reconsidering buses, we think that the driver fell asleep momentarily and we hit the kerb with a bump that woke him up!  Scary when there are long drops off the side of the road and Lochs just a few feet away in other places. But we enjoy our travels, we might attempt Orkney together next year.

The Rev. declined to go to the wedding, I’m not sure if it’s the English climate , the sudden sunshine in Scotland has had him in a flap about sun stroke , that big golden orb in the sky can be very frightening for Celtic people, they don’t see it too often, or the thought of meeting my family en masse that put him off or both, but it does mean that he can look after the dogs and next doors menagerie when the time comes.

I’m really looking forward to meeting up with the whole clan, daughters 4,and 2+partner, sons 1 and 2, daughter-in-law and granddaughter all staying with me. And, if they can all make it, a massive Bar B Que before the wedding with any that are missing and my new son in laws’ family.

I shall no doubt have plenty to say when I return, and something a little more meaningful I hope. BRB as my teenagers say.


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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