The Wedding

I am back! What a week, we left home at 10 am and arrived at Gatwick,by  train at mid-night. My long suffering son-in-law to be and daughter met us and off we went to the cottage we’d booked. Three hours later, having driven down every drive imaginable without anyone calling the police as a strange car lit up their home with it’s head lights, we found the cottage at the end of an unmade road behind some trees. A car was parked nearby, but no one answered the door, the key was no where to be found and quite honestly the house looked a bit of a wreck and the advertised swimming pool was uninviting.

As we were all exhausted plan B was called for, this meant waking my 81 year old mother at 4.30 am and asking for a bed. I was not keen to do it , not wanting to cause her to panic or induce a heart attack, but she was surprisingly calm and organised drinks and beds. On further inspection next morning, when all 8 members of the family arrived who were sharing with us, the house was thought unsuitable,and as no money had changed hands we abandoned ship and some of us camped out in a borrowed tent, while others found room with various other relatives. Then my brother-in-law came across a mobile home in Hastings on one of those “family camp sites” that have arcades and entertainers who really ought to have retired.My children called me a snob, maybe, but it wasn’t where I’d choose to holiday. Anyway, the 8 of us squeezed in and despite only one shower between us we managed quite well.

The wedding was fun, my daughter looked beautiful and I came over all unnecessary. My nephew commented ” What Aunty, you showed emotion?!”  Yes, even tough old me.  I got to see all my offspring and theirs, they managed not to fight, although a few sarcastic comments were bandied about, Then the day was over, some of us had eaten too much, some had definitely drunk too much and we were all exhausted. All the planning, the panic over what to wear, the travel arrangements , the hair do’s ,the nails, the venue, all over. A very special family day, where we celebrated with the couple we love, as they started out on their lives together and as they made promises to each other to stick together through good times and bad.

Thankfully we can’t see the future, if those of us who have been around for a few years and brought up our families had known what the years held we may have retreated to the nearest cave and become hermits. The whole picture is much larger than us, and God allows us to make our own choices, but thankfully his plan encompasses all our mistakes and he still has our best interests in mind as we totter through life. God bless my daughter and her new husband, the choice to acknowledge his presence with them in their lives is theirs, but he will always be waiting for their call.

The laughter in the photo was caused by the groom having a problem with the word “solemnly”.Solomlemly……. 🙂



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