It’s all about bladders really.

The Rev. was away last week, so it was planned that I took the services in both parishes. I’m lucky as I don’t have to produce a sermon every week ,  I had plenty of time to work on it. I got other members of the “ladies ” group to take part, and we were off in the sunshine to our lovely old square Church in the village of Inverlussa, a remote place, which sits on top of a hill looking out to sea.

The Rev. made it back home late on Saturday evening, but as I had arranged to travel with a friend he said that he would follow.Just as we were about to leave the phone rang, it was our organist for the second service in the other Parish. The Rev. answered it, ” Oh I’m so sorry.” I heard him say, “If we can’t find a replacement we’ll sing without. I hope your eyes get better soon.”  He called to me and said ” S. can’t make it ,she has Cystitis.” “Then why did you tell her that you hoped her eyes got better? ” I asked, ” Well  she can’t play if she can’t see.” He said. I replied ” I think you’ll find that’s conjunctivitis!”.

The first service went well, after two of us had knocked on a neighboring house to ask to use the toilet, this very elderly lady lives in a bit of a muddle to say the least but in an emergency any kind of convenience is OK by me, and I take diuretics, so it was!

The lack of an organist for the second service was still a problem. As we were preparing to rush off again, V. who played for the first round, offered to come with us. We also collected the friend responsible for the Intercessory Prayers, bundled back into the car and shot off with some visitors to the area, who had arrived too late for the first service, but would attend the second, in hot pursuit.

We met dozens of tourists either walking, cycling or just out for a leisurely drive on the single track road to the next church, but made it just on time. We dropped  our organist friend who has M.S. which impairs her mobility a bit,  at the church door ,and the rest of us legged  it to the public toilets, of which there is one. Only one of our churches has facilities, as I may have mentioned before.

We didn’t use the Gent’s, but here is the Rev. modelling outside.

The second service went well too, we had a lovely family from Holland visit us, who are coming to lunch on Wednesday, and the Rev. slipped in a blessing for a child who had been baptised elsewhere.

All in all a good  wee morning.


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