Angelic Takeaways.

Sometimes life can be very disappointing. By the time we are adults we should have learned how to deal with it. Some of us have been disappointed more often than others, perhaps if we have unrealistic expectations of things.

In our present society we expect to be well, it is our right ,isn’t it? Science has made great discoveries and a lot of illness can now be relieved. But is being well,  wholeness?

Isn’t it true if we believe in God, illness or crises create  a time when we try to get as close as possible to Him , we want him to make us well, so we strain to hear his every word. We pray more frequently and more fervently. We know in our hearts that this is how our relationship with him should always be, but when things are going well, we think we’ll get around to that prayer time later, we’ll read that bit of scripture when we can fit it in between TV programs. We use God , in a way that teenagers use parents. When we want something, there we are, the rest of the time we will manage on our own.

I’ve been reading about Elijah recently, he , if you haven’t heard of him, he was a great prophet in the Old Testament, he upset  a Queen called Jezebel, you have probably heard her name before!  She wanted all the Prophets of Israel dead, because she really didn’t want to hear the truth about God, nor did she like the Israelites much.

Anyway, she was after Elijah, he had been in a competition with some of her prophets of Baal. They had each built big bonfires and put a bull on top and then prayed to their respective deities to light it. Well Baal didn’t oblige, the prophets were a bit like the bad wolf trying to blow down the little pigs house of bricks, lots of huffing and puffing but no result. So Elijah, for effect, poured a few gallons of water over his, and asked God to light it, and the whole lot burnt to the ground. Jezebel was hopping mad, so old Elijah legged it up a mountain and wanted to give up and die.

This was not in Gods plan so he sent him some water and a hot bread takeaway via an angel. When Elijah felt better, after a good sleep and some food, (good advice to all of us), God said to him, “Elijah what are you doing here?”. Now don’t you think that is a strange question?

God knew what had happened, but he needed Elijah to tell him, for in the telling Elijah got things into perspective. Here was a man who had just performed a miracle (one of many) who knew God intimately, but when things got rough, and as they say “there is no scorn like a womans….”, he ran away, got all self-pitying and gave up. He panicked.

So God tells him not to get his loin cloth in a twist, because He’d got things for him to do.

When things just won’t go right, don’t give up, take time to rest, have something to eat, get it in perspective, talk to God about it and move on.

Two Sundays ago I found myself back in A&E, sorely disappointed that my  heart op.procedures were obviously ineffective. I was not only disappointed I was MAD! I had just got back to a near normal life, but 5 months in and I’m back to square one. Now where is the justice in that. I felt like Elijah, let’s go up a mountain and sulk, because I’ve had enough God!

So God says “What are you doing here Jenni?” So I tell him in no uncertain terms! And he says, well I suppose we had better go through the motions of getting this fixed again because I have a few things I want you to do !  So , I was shaken AND stirred,  I am aware that there are changes on the horizon, exciting things coming up , and I don’t want to miss out, so let’s have a nice cup of coffee and a sandwich and get on with it.

If you want to read the official version of this story have look at the book of 1 Kings, chapters 18 and 19.Elijah-cloud-cmg


3 thoughts on “Angelic Takeaways.

  1. Nic Houghton

    Classic text book counselling. Talk your problem through with a good listener and lo and behold you find the solution to your problem yourself. The food and a good sleep prepares you for the first day with your new resolve.

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