Get your thinking Christmas Caps on!

I am aiming to have a Pram/Buggy  Advent Service in December. I have been “googling” for ideas, but the things that come up are “How to keep your child quiet in church”, “ten tips to get your child to sit still.” This is not what I want at all. Now I don’t want a riot, I do need to be heard, but I’d like to make it as informal as possible, but give Mums/Dads/Grannies/ Granddads /Childminders around 45 minutes to enjoy a pre Christmas Service. Many are too busy on “the day” and can’t come to a formal Service. I’d like to provide a bit of fun for the children but the Church has no spare rooms for a crèche, it has to be from the buggy. I do have some puppets.

I’d like to take the focus away from Santa and presents and give them a chance to think about why Christmas happens at all.

Any ideas, however revolutionary, would be gratefully received, and if you don’t go to church, I’d like to hear what would help you enjoy a Christmas  do in a Church building with your little ones.

Many thanks in anticipation of great things!  Jenni xx


P.S. I received notification that you may see Ads on my blog. I have not consented to these, I don’t want them, but I refuse to pay an annual sum to prevent them appearing!


7 thoughts on “Get your thinking Christmas Caps on!

  1. downunder

    An Australian guy called Colin Buchanan does wonderful Christian music for kids, slightly mad with lots of actions etc. His Christmas offering is called “The King of Christmas ” and has lots of action friendly , easy to remember dance around songs.
    We have done that type of service with chairs/pews moved away, lots of rungs on the floor and everyone (toddlers, babies and grown ups ) sit on the floor. Hands on nativity scenes are great (knitted or plastic, even Fisher price does one) and focussing on looking forward.

    Very informal, but then we Aussies do informal for everything.

  2. I got some good booklets last year or year before, produced by Bryan Kerr, a CofS minister and someone from his congregation in Lanarkshire. It did a good job of linking the Christian story with the Santa stuff in a way that tipped the balance the right way. Useful for acknowledging that aspect and using it to move folk on, rather than just ignoring it. I have several left but know they are on a shelf in the new house. I’ll try and remember to drop one in the post to you.
    If I have any other bright ideas I’ll let you know! All the best with it.

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