A little holiday.

I have had a little holiday while my new kitchen is being installed. It was supposed to be for the whole family. They dumped their stuff and headed off. One to the National Mod for three days, Islay beat them so they weren’t on the telly. The other went off with his girlfriend, and the Rev. decided to stay in the rubble and man his office.

That left me and the smallest dog. We have walked miles and miles over hills, beside the sea and along the Canal side. The sun was so hot we had to spend one afternoon on the decking ! It’s October and this is Scotland!

Have got some good photos ,chatted to lots of folk and a few parishioners who live out of the parish who wondered what I was doing here. I have read 5 books, including “The Rainbow” by D.H. Lawrence; and I have chilled. It feels great but I know I will not want to leave on Saturday. Watching the weather change over Loch Fyne and watching the log lorries unloaded on to the ships has been wonderful. Being in walking distance of a shop is luxury.

I love living in the Glen but I hadn’t realised quite how isolated we were. The new kitchen will make up for it, but I shall miss seeing the outside world.

Women should stay at home and clean?

A politician recently said that women should stay at home and clean behind the fridge. Well today I did. I also cleaned the tops of the kitchen units.Spring clean your kitchen

This is NOT me by the way!


Question 1. How often do you clean the tops of your kitchen cupboards?

a) Once a week?

b) Once a year?

c) Once every 5 years ?

d) Never?

If you have been reading this blog over the years you will have noticed that I don’t like housework., so b,c or,d  is probably me. There are far better things to occupy your time. But the Church is paying for a new kitchen to be put in the Manse, and I was asked to clear it. Most of the contents are piled in the Dining Room, and every time I want to cook I have to rummage in boxes. On Saturday, we are moving out for a week; so today  I really got down to business.


I moved in 6 months after The Rev. took the post here, so I had only added a few things to the cupboards. Dismantling them I found all sorts of treasures that I didn’t know we had. Also ,how many bags of S.R flour do I need? They must have kept moving to the back and I lost them. Bags of just about everything seemed to have leaked. 


While I was busy the Session Clerk popped in, I noticed him give me a strange look. After he had gone, when I looked in the mirror I noticed my hair contained a mixture of flour ,cous- cous and chocolate drops which I had swept off the shelf. After a couple of hours scrubbing grease combined with dog hair and dust (Eeww.) from the tops of very high cupboards I was knackered, so I got some lunch and thought I’d have a sit down and watch the telly. I just got comfy when the Undertaker turned up, (also builder, carpenter etc.)  . They had decided to start early by taking a wall down, so I think I’ll go out with the dogs and leave them too their banging and scraping. Dust and plaster is flying all over the kitchen I just scrubbed. I should have left it and let them take it down greasy!


I vow to keep my new kitchen spotless…. who am I kidding?


A wake up call.

I have just been handed our Church Newsletter and it made me angry at first and then very sad. We have a team who have been working hard at Messy Church providing a meal, crafts and a worship time for families, for two years.
In the newsletter is an article asking for ideas for ways to get young people into Church with my name at the bottom as a contact. It is not from me and I knew nothing about it.

What the congregation don’t seem to realise is that we do have families and young people in our Church. They just don’t want the hymn sandwich on a Sunday.They attend faithfully on Thursdays twice a month.
It is not the children and their parents that are missing from church, it is the congregation missing from Messy Church!

There I feel better now, thank you for listening.x