A wake up call.

I have just been handed our Church Newsletter and it made me angry at first and then very sad. We have a team who have been working hard at Messy Church providing a meal, crafts and a worship time for families, for two years.
In the newsletter is an article asking for ideas for ways to get young people into Church with my name at the bottom as a contact. It is not from me and I knew nothing about it.

What the congregation don’t seem to realise is that we do have families and young people in our Church. They just don’t want the hymn sandwich on a Sunday.They attend faithfully on Thursdays twice a month.
It is not the children and their parents that are missing from church, it is the congregation missing from Messy Church!

There I feel better now, thank you for listening.x


3 thoughts on “A wake up call.

  1. downunder

    Are you sure you are not listening in here? We have the same comments too. But Praise God that you do have young people coming to find out more about God and worship Him in any form and keep going. Our whole world is changing so much, t is not surprising that the way we do church will change too. what does not change is the great God we worship. Dh and I heard a sermon 2 years ago comparing the changes we are going through with those of the reformation and also the end of the first century. We probably won’t see the end of this change in our lifetime.

    1. I really appreciate this comment. We are blessed with faithful families and a team that keep on working. It is exciting to think that these people are hearing the Good News. I was at a meeting last night where folk were bemoaning the fact that no young people came through the doors. We are in an age of technology, we have to get screens in church, use media and good music, even if they are slightly souped up versions of our favourite Hymns. If we want to stay in our pews and never change we will all just die off. Praise God he keeps moving us on, we just have to trust him.

  2. downunder

    You are exactly right and your comments in turn, encourage me to keep going. It means it is not just us. We here in Australia and I assume you too in the UK can no longer sit and wait for people to come to us, like Jesus we have to go to them with a message they can understand. God bless

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