Before the throne.

On your knees before the throne took on a different meaning last night. Yesterday I was a lady “what did lunch”. My lovely friend Sue took me out after the Ladies Bible study Group for lunch and a natter. 

As it’s the end of the tourist season “Rosies’ “, an excellent cafe in Tayvallich , was closed, so we had to go elsewhere. I had a good bowl of soup with tomato and vegetables and some kind of bean.  I thought good food and good company .

By mid-afternoon I was feeling a bit dodgy and by evening I was feeling particularly troubled. After the Rev. left for a session meeting I could have pebble dashed a target a hundred yards away! All a bit Hughie and Bert.

At mid- night I felt a bit better and decided to go to bed. Today I am pleased to say the worst is past. I even managed some Bovril soldiers for breakfast. My mum’s cure for everything. funny isn’t it, how childhood comfort food makes you feel so much better even when you are near to expecting your free bus pass! My late first husband liked bread and milk if he was ill, a remedy my mother-in-law had always provided.

I can’t prove it was the Hotel that caused my “outburst”,  but it does mean that I don’t have to attend a dinner tonight ,that I wasn’t looking forward to. So when I am on my knees today to chat with my Father on his throne I shall thank him profusely .

Must e.mail Sue to make sure she’s all right…..


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