We are remembering them.

An early start today for Remembrance services on icy roads. The sun came out about 9 ish and the Loch shone like a mirror, the beautiful Autumn tinged trees reflected  so clearly in the still water. There was snow on the Paps of Jura  glinting in the sunshine conjuring up a magical scene.

Quite a few folk gathered around the stone cross at Barnluasgan despite the chill and although the community is very small 6 wreaths were laid by ex -servicemen and those with family connections to the forces. An elder played a lament on the bagpipes which is always emotional.I f

Up to Inverlussa for the first service and a chance to get warm, then over to the tiny “Mission” church at Ford; with more snow covered hills in the distance. The Rev. was on form, and many people commented on the sermon content, very thought provoking. Are we providing a place for soldiers to come home to?. He shot off to catch a bus into Glasgow to connect with flight to Southampton and off for an army thingy.

I thought I might have an easy week but from the look of the diary, that’s not an option.


(images from google, I forgot the camera)


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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