I am so angry, I have had a horrible response to my post about the pram service. Perhaps the person who read it and spread rumours that children were desecrating grave stones by using them as a toilet would like to rethink what they are saying. I have just received a phone call from a foul mouthed woman phoning on behalf of her mother. Yes, the children did need to wee on the grass at the back of the church yard as we have no toilets, but they certainly did not use graves!

I am more concerned with children actually using the church and feeling at home there.  I cannot even repeat here the language used by the complainant.

I can quite understand that a deceased person’s grave is very important to their family and we have no wish to upset anyone. I would also like to say that if a person has committed their life to Jesus Christ they have eternal life with him. Only the remains are in the ground, rather like a butterfly leaving behind it’s chrysalis.

I think we must concentrate on bringing children and young people into our churches, or in these rural communities they will die and the Church will no longer be there .


3 thoughts on “Gossipmongerers.

  1. I hope you got my message via the rev that I love your blog, and what you are doing is just brilliant. I told him I don’t usually comment because I have to come onto wordpress to do so, and I read the blog on my email. But I am moved to do so now to say, please don’t let this get you down or hold you back. Anyone who has the remotest criticism should at least have the decency to check facts, and be constructive and polite. Donations always welcome to fund toilets for all ages in all churches that lack them! Meanwhile the welcome is the most important thing.
    Have a lovely Christmas and God bless your endeavours through 2014 and beyond. xx

    1. Thank you Liz, he did say that you liked the blog. In fact he signed up as a follower himself. I think that because it came out of the blue it shocked me a bit, especially as the children were only 3 years old.

      Hope you, M and your family have a great Christmas , maybe one day the Rev. will bring “Granny Mainland” over to the island,so that I can visit you!

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