Driving Home for Christmas!

Last minute shopping in Oban, for me and youngest daughter today. We slept through the alarm and made the bus by the skin of our teeth.

There was snow on the hills as we climbed up through them and pouring rain in Town. Everyone had the same idea and Tesco was packed to the gunnels and people seemed to be shopping as if disaster was  about to strike and the shops would never be open again. To be fair they could have been “islanders” over on the ferry  stocking up for New Year.

We tried the perfumes in Boots , but one had a faulty spray and I managed to spray D in the eye. She yelled “I’m blinded!” and we rushed to the pharmacy counter to see if someone could help,.A silly young woman said “Don’t worry I used to do that to my little brother all the time.” Not helpful, so we bought some Optrex and went outside in the rain to wash it out. It was the day for unhelpful assistants, no trolleys were available at Tesco apart from enormous ones to accommodate twins and as I had none with me I didn’t need one that big. I asked a couple of staff members if I could have the one that they were standing next to whilst gossiping, “No” they said ,they needed it! Then they proceeded to leave it and wandered off to tidy coat hangers, so I took it anyway. Great customer service?

The bus driver taking us home had a bad day too, after dropping us that morning his next bus had broken down and the one he drove us home in ,had no “Stop” bells and the ticket machine didn’t work. Most of us had returns and everyone else he let on free, “Well” he said “It is Christmas.” Actually we traveled home back in time , I was aged 33, as the Ticket gadget would only register for 1980. That made my daughter minus 19 years.

As he had been trying to fix equipment, the driver had not had a break so ate his take away first. When asked by a passenger which type of fish it was (and Oban has some of the best Fish’n’chip suppers in the world),  He said the ype that had shorter legs on oneside than the other:

The Wild Haggis is a small, rough-haired quadruped creature, native to the Scottish Highlands.  A notable feature is that the legs on one side of the animal’s body are both significantly longer than those on the other, this being a local long-term evolutionary adaptation to living on the steep sides of Scottish mountains.

Haggis*  thus adapted can only travel with any ease or speed in one direction – clock-wise (Haggis Scottii dexterous), or anti-clockwise (Haggis Scotti sinistrous), depending on whether the legs are longer on the left or the right side of the animal. If the shorter legs do not remain on the up-slope side of the hapless beastie it is in severe danger of falling over sideways and rolling to the bottom of the hillside.

Anyway that made us late, so he careered the bus around hairpin bends to catch up. The lady sitting opposite us threw up ,and we all scrabbled in our bags for tissues and sprays. My daughter smirked as she identified her as a supply teacher who had threatened to make her stand all lesson if she didn’t get writing in  some subject at school.

It was great to get off at the bottom of the Glen and walk in the fresh air to the Manse.

Now we have to wrap all our purchases, but it seems the Rev. has used all the tape and paper, and forgot to get any potatoes for tomorrows supper when we have 6 guests plus the 4 of us. That’s about half a spud each at the moment.

We wish a  Merry Christmas to all my readers, may you enjoy yourselves  this Christmastide and have a peaceful and healthy New Year!

From the Rev’s Mrs, the Rev. and the motley crew in The Manse. x


4 thoughts on “Driving Home for Christmas!

  1. What an adventurous day, I’m surprised you survived it and retained your sanity.
    Oh yes……………..the haggis. Hmmm!
    I suppose if you haven’t enough potatoes to go round, you could always go out in the hills and poke a haggis with a stick to make it fall. Supper problem solved.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, you deserve it.

  2. downunder

    Well it is not snowing here, the forecast is for 30 degrees on Christmas day, but I would love some haggis for new year ! Chaos reigns in both the shops and the vicarage .May God bless you and yours at Christmas.

    1. God bless all of you and yours too. Have a wonderful Christmas, despite it being one of the busiest work wise, and a peaceful New Year. Haggis…yuk..I cannot bear the smell or eat it, I never go to Burns Suppers! Not sure if it would survive the journey, but I could send you one… 🙂

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