Eating Disorderly.

I am trying to lose weight again. I stood on the scales after Christmas and they wheezed and shouted  “Get off!”.

I feel very guilty when I think that I was in the position not less than three years ago ,when my family did not have enough to eat and if there had been such a thing as a food bank I would have bitten off their hand, so to speak.

There are refugees and siege victims all over the world and just remembering this should make me think about what I eat and cause me to shed pounds. When I am shopping I try to say to my self “Buy what you actually need ,not what you’d like.” But supermarkets, including the cheaper ones are places of delight. Bright lights ,nice smells and because we “eat with our eyes” we are cleverly coerced into buying things we don’t need.

I seldom have time to read food labels as the Rev. hates shopping of any kind, but when I was getting out his healthy box of high fibre bran this morning I noticed that apart from wheat the other main ingredient was sugar.

When life gets stressful, as it does from time to time, whatever kind of life you lead, food can be a comfort, controlling this is very hard. I am sick of overweight people being vilified on T.V. It is other underlying problems that need to be addressed first. Unemployment, poor housing, marriage difficulties, illness within families and a plethora  of other emotional problems which can dog people on all sides. Healthy food is expensive, chips are cheap.

In my case, the food is there, and I grab something without thinking and rush on to the next task, meeting or whatever. So I have had to stand back, I no longer have children to transport to school by cycle, the Rev. does the foul weather dog walking so I need to get  some exercise again. He of course is fitness mad, running, swimming, cycling and Scottish country dancing with a bit of open water swimming and aerobic exercise thrown in.When he’s not doing it ,he is watching it at every spare moment on his Hudl. This has a bad affect on me, don’t ask me why, but it drives me crazy and I find that I stubbornly refuse to join in. I have very bad memories of PE at school, I was always the one left waiting to be picked for a team, my reports said “Jennifer lacks all coordination.” I have often wondered if I have some form of Dyspraxia!

There is probably a psychological bit of reasoning for this that no doubt my psychologist friends will inform me.

What ever my excuses I need to act, so as the NHS suggest that we all walk 10,000 steps a day, which includes walking around the house I have worked out how far 5,000 take me up the Glen. It’s about 3 miles, so that is 6 all together. I don’t do it every day, but as often as possible. as I haven’t got the time or the inclination to count calories I keep a food diary, that in itself is a deterrent if you are honest enough to write down what you actually consume. As the weather improves, (will it ever stop raining?), I shall get out old Betsy ,my bike, she is not such a friend since she threw me off and broke my foot, I need to build up my confidence again and get going.

There is only one draw back, all that exercise makes me hungry!Image



2 thoughts on “Eating Disorderly.

  1. More power to your elbow – or your feet – or whatever.
    Your hyper-active husband is energetic enough for the two of you, Why not go and have a nice lie-down and then think about it (with a cuppa of course)

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