Oooooh er Mrs!

I woke up this morning full of cold, bloodshot eyes and red nose. Last nights mascara was somewhere down my cheeks and I could not be bothered to brush my hair. I pulled on my woolly hat, put on my green waterproof dog walking coat that has dog pooh bags hanging out of the pockets (unused I might add) and the remains of the egg that broke in there yesterday. I pull my wellies on  that have a bit of straw and hen pooh attached and cover up my old leggings. Then off I go up the garden to let my girls (hens not children) out. It’s pouring with rain and the wind is blowing a gale.

I get soaked, I grumble and totter back around the house to the Manse front door looking a sight, like some old wifey who has just come in from the byres.

I stop dead at the door and lose all power of speech for a few seconds. The most handsome young man I have seen in years is standing in the rain outside my door. The only word that seems to want to come out of my mouth is “Oooooh!”, but I suppress it and invite him in . As he is is wearing a dog collar I assume this is the Rev’s travelling companion to a Chaplains whatnot. 

At this point our youngest springer spaniel threatens to cover his immaculate suit in dog hair,  so I yell for the Rev. I hide in the kitchen putting the newly laid eggs away, thinking “Why today Lord? why didn’t I at least brush my hair!”.

I get my Rev.organised who is getting his pants in a twist about getting to the airport on time, I point out that it’s 9:15 a.m and the flight leaves after 2pm and they only have to travel for a 2 and a half hour journey to get there.

I see them off ,trying not to stare or drool, O ladies of West Kintyre and Gigha I bet your church attendances have gone up!!! Sigh….. 


3 thoughts on “Oooooh er Mrs!

  1. What a sorry tale.
    Are you sure the delectable visitor was not an hallucination, brought about by your fever?
    On the other hand, we are always told that outward appearances are unimportant. Hmmm.
    Perhaps you could arrange to ‘ accidentally’ be on hand when your husband returns with the young man in tow, having first had a miraculous transformation.
    Still if all else fails, it is far better to be an ould wifey than an ould widowey.

    1. Perhaps “Better the devil you know” is a good adage? 🙂 He was lucky that he didn’t arrive an hour later or 14 other women would have been there of a certain age, some ould widowies! We are all old enough to be his Mother but we still like to window shop occasionally, but would be the first to admit to having lovely husbands or incredible memories of those who have gone home and are waiting for them.

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