Sorry to keep you waiting

The lovely postman has done it again. He has repaired my hard drive ,updated me and got me back on line. Unfortunately when I crashed all my memory was wiped including the first 10 chapters of a book my owner was writing, I did tell her to make a back up as I can be very unpredictable, Having previously worked for a charity and then being retired to the Manse in my old age I now have a new lease of life in my new mode, but we won’t mention my battery.

However new posts will be forth coming soon, the old girl is a bit busy at the moment, just back from holiday to visit brand new , just out of the package Grandson and I hear she has a new project for a peripatetic youth work going on, so “watch this space” as you human beings say. And after the Rev. not only mangled her specs by shutting them in the car boot door but also trod on them on the Berwick to Glasgow train she has to get new goggles to see the key board. Back soon, P.C