Location,2,3,and 4!!!!!

They say that buying a house is the most stressful thing that you can do. It is. Even though it is not even me thats paying for it. I am required to move out of the Manse, but being a woman of little means, well actually no means, the “Powers that be” will buy a property and rent it to me so that I am not completely homeless. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s not.

Find a nice house within budget, this charitable organisation has limited funds and I don’t want to abuse their generosity. “No” says Powers, “Too many repairs to do, and the boiler belonged to Noah”. Try next door, “Yes ” says Powers. Perfect I think, and mentally move in. First offer in , “No” says Mrs Owner, second offer in “No” says Mrs Owner, beginning to sound like Moses and Pharaoh now, third and final offer in, “NO!!!” says Mrs Owner. “We give up.” says Powers. “Silly Mrs Owner ” I think, or words to that effect!

Find another house but not where I want to live by the sea. “No” says Powers ,too expensive, find another, “Yes” says Powers, but thinking on it, nearly 60 can’t find an employer who wants a woman who can talk a lot and preach the Gospel, so realise can’t afford the heating plus the extra rent this one would be, so ” NO” I say. Children say “Yukk” didn’t want to live there anyway. Look at all the houses in the area, know how many beds, baths ,receps, taps, blades of grass in the garden, dream of houses, can’t bear to see the Telly and want to kill Phil Spencer and Jasmine and Homes under the Hammer man …….

Feel like head is exploding. Well knowing God as I do , he will turn up at the last minute with the perfect place…but could it be soon….

(Other post of sheldon exploding his head, should have been with this post but the text flew away and I had to write it again)


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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