Forward Motion

One of the things that I enjoy about the Church I’m attending just now, is the exegesis, a bible passage taken and explained.I sit transported back in my mind to the little Baptist Church I attended in my twenties, where our Minister,also at the time, a Lecturer at a nearby Bible College took us through the Bible.It is good to be experiencing that again. Today’s reading was from Exodus 13. The Israelites are wandering about in the wilderness, all 3 million give or take a few, having just left Egpyt where they have been slaves for a few hundred years. Like most of us, they desperately wanted out of the bad situation, which they got, but then the complaints began.

“It’s not like we thought it would be.”, “We are all scared to death and Pharaoh and a load of chariots are right behind us.”, “We may as well be dead.” Does that ring a bell? You pray and pray for something, you get it and are dissatisfied. But you blame God.

Things haven’t changed much through the centuries. What are they told to do? 1.Not to fear. 2 Be still, stop panicking and trust. 3 Move forward. (In the Israelites’ case into the Red Sea.Now that does take faith!)

It’s been a lot like that for me lately, but the “family” are settled into a new home, it hasn’t been plain sailing but most of the obstacles have been negotiated by not panicking , praying and allowing God to answer. So that leaves number 3. Move forward. “Moving forward” is different to “moving on”. Moving on implies just a general move from this place to that, moving forward is deliberate.

So moving forward it is ;as the sea bed is dry land. I think I know in which direction I should go.

Isaiah 30:21Living Bible (TLB)

21 And if you leave God’s paths and go astray, you will hear a voice behind you say, “No, this is the way; walk here.

Time to step out.



All fingers and thumbs!

draft_lens18245322module151957486photo_1312122879flat_bike_tire_july_24_192Walked the dogs along the canal before 7 because it was such a nice morning. By 8.30 things began to go awry, my daughter managed to miss 3 school buses, while we were waiting for the Dental Practice to ring with an emergency appointment for her.
She caught the fourth bus and as I watched it go by the window the phone rang with an appointment for half past 10. So I phoned the school and asked them to tell her to be at the medical centre in time and I would meet her there.
They unfortunately told her to go immediately, and while I was in the shower I heard the phone ring. “Where are you ?”said daughter . “At home. ” I say. ” But you are supposed to be here!”. “Wait at the shops, and I’ll get there as soon as.” I say.

The bus wasn’t coming for another 45 minutes, so I pulled on some clothes and grabbed Bertha the Bike out of the shed. I hadn’t cycled for the past year and my legs were burning. I didn’t remember it being so hard. That was when I realised that the front tyre really needed some air! There wasn’t time to go back for the pump, so I kept going.

Eventually met up with daughter and walked up to the hospital/Medical Centre. Whilst I was waiting the dental nurse came out looking very concerned, She sat close to me and said we have the result of your daughter’s x-ray. In those short seconds my brain went wild,thinking oh no they have found something terrible. She leaned forward and whispered ” We have found a CAVITY!”. What a relief, I have little knowledge of dentistry but that was why I had taken her there in the first place. I consented to it being filled .

A boy opposite me was desperately trying to get some soup out of the vending machine, but his money kept falling straight through, so I offered him some 20p’s. The soup he got looked nice, so I thought I’d have some. It comes in a tiny cup of the thinnest plastic imaginable, which slipped straight through my arthritic fingers and slopped all over my jeans scalding my leg. It looked as if I had been rather ill with bits of carrot and pea stuck to my leg. So I put my rucksack over it, and thankfully it dried while I waited. I removed the reconstituted vegetables and croutons that stuck to the seat beside me.
My final act of the day was to sign the forms for D.s treatment and as I lent forward my cycling helmet shot out of my hand narrowly missing the receptionist. I was glad to leave.

I went back to retrieve Bertha after picking up some bread and provisions, I started to pack them into my rucksack when my hand slipped and they fell on the floor. A small gentleman picked them up and remarked ” You want to pack that better!”, I refrained from punching him, as I don’t think my finger joints could have taken it. I really think I should do something about them.

I now had a packed bag but still had no air in the front tyre, so I went and bought a pump that I could ill afford and wheeled the bike to the green and put air in. The return journey was so much easier.I saw my disabled neighbour as I negociated the steps at the back of the garden ,who said “How ya doin Lass? ” and cheered me up. Later I found a bottle of Cava on the doorstep with a little note, which said “From Bill upstairs.” Ahhhh.

Tell what God has done for you!

sheepThe title refers to the content of the sermon I heard this morning.
Here are the things that He has done for me in the past week, if I put down all the things he has done in my life-time it would take you months to read ,if not longer.

I am living in a lovely spacious flat with views across the Loch with furniture donated and bought by friends which makes it comfortable and homely.
My teenagers are happy and enjoying their new home.
So many friends took time to help us move our belongings including the dogs.
There are picturesque walks, a few shops and public transport, to make life easier. We feel “at home”.

Some of you might say, God didn’t do it, people did. That is understandable, but those who have helped us did so because they love God. They and myself have the same Father and we belong to his family, and families help one another.

I enjoyed the service at the local church this morning, which I attended for the first time,much prayer was given to those suffering in the atrocities that are happening in the world. I sang heartily and the sermon was very good. Just one thing marred it…. noone spoke to me. If you know me well, you will also know that I can talk for Scotland, but despite my efforts, I just got a slight smile or a cursory “Good Morning”. I will persevere.

Herein after shall be referred to as “The tenant”.

Well the time has come, my life is packed into boxes. We went to the flat and carried them all in with various bits of furniture. If you had been there with a means of videoing it, I’m sure that you would have seen some funny sites as four “retired” people staggered about with various things from the back of cars including a wall unit.

When I got home home, it all became a bit “chuckle brothers”, to me to you….

My neighbour and I decided to move the hens into her garden .This entailed moving the hen house through narrow gateways over a cobbled yard into her space.She led the way and I followed with the heavy end, unable to see where I was going, passersby watched with interest. I thought that I could round up my girls and herd them next door. No way was the cockerel having that. He trumpeted a warning and all the hens shot in different directions and got under the densest undergrowth they could. No amount of grain or bread would bring them out.

We crawled about like commandos on a raid but they moved faster than us. We caught one who sat traumatised in a box, while the others climbed the fence and threatened to jump. After getting hot and bothered ourselves we gave up. So we carried the hen house back through all the narrow gates and at present are waiting for them to go to bed. We will then take them by surprise and they will wake up next door. How long it will be before Nelson their lover and leader, leads them back I don’t know, but I suspect he is in the hen house now, planning his next move.hens

So we shall all be new tenants by the end of the week.Leases are signed and eventually we will have all our possessions in one place. In the meantime I shall be cycling to and fro as I wait for various tradesmen and deliveries. Hope it doesn’t rain too much , but this is Argyll!