Herein after shall be referred to as “The tenant”.

Well the time has come, my life is packed into boxes. We went to the flat and carried them all in with various bits of furniture. If you had been there with a means of videoing it, I’m sure that you would have seen some funny sites as four “retired” people staggered about with various things from the back of cars including a wall unit.

When I got home home, it all became a bit “chuckle brothers”, to me to you….

My neighbour and I decided to move the hens into her garden .This entailed moving the hen house through narrow gateways over a cobbled yard into her space.She led the way and I followed with the heavy end, unable to see where I was going, passersby watched with interest. I thought that I could round up my girls and herd them next door. No way was the cockerel having that. He trumpeted a warning and all the hens shot in different directions and got under the densest undergrowth they could. No amount of grain or bread would bring them out.

We crawled about like commandos on a raid but they moved faster than us. We caught one who sat traumatised in a box, while the others climbed the fence and threatened to jump. After getting hot and bothered ourselves we gave up. So we carried the hen house back through all the narrow gates and at present are waiting for them to go to bed. We will then take them by surprise and they will wake up next door. How long it will be before Nelson their lover and leader, leads them back I don’t know, but I suspect he is in the hen house now, planning his next move.hens

So we shall all be new tenants by the end of the week.Leases are signed and eventually we will have all our possessions in one place. In the meantime I shall be cycling to and fro as I wait for various tradesmen and deliveries. Hope it doesn’t rain too much , but this is Argyll!


2 thoughts on “Herein after shall be referred to as “The tenant”.

    1. Thank you Linda, I’ll bear that in mind. My biggest problem is catching Doris ,the other hens are safely next door while she is roaming the countryside. I hope she realises where they are and goes to join them!

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