Tell what God has done for you!

sheepThe title refers to the content of the sermon I heard this morning.
Here are the things that He has done for me in the past week, if I put down all the things he has done in my life-time it would take you months to read ,if not longer.

I am living in a lovely spacious flat with views across the Loch with furniture donated and bought by friends which makes it comfortable and homely.
My teenagers are happy and enjoying their new home.
So many friends took time to help us move our belongings including the dogs.
There are picturesque walks, a few shops and public transport, to make life easier. We feel “at home”.

Some of you might say, God didn’t do it, people did. That is understandable, but those who have helped us did so because they love God. They and myself have the same Father and we belong to his family, and families help one another.

I enjoyed the service at the local church this morning, which I attended for the first time,much prayer was given to those suffering in the atrocities that are happening in the world. I sang heartily and the sermon was very good. Just one thing marred it…. noone spoke to me. If you know me well, you will also know that I can talk for Scotland, but despite my efforts, I just got a slight smile or a cursory “Good Morning”. I will persevere.


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