All fingers and thumbs!

draft_lens18245322module151957486photo_1312122879flat_bike_tire_july_24_192Walked the dogs along the canal before 7 because it was such a nice morning. By 8.30 things began to go awry, my daughter managed to miss 3 school buses, while we were waiting for the Dental Practice to ring with an emergency appointment for her.
She caught the fourth bus and as I watched it go by the window the phone rang with an appointment for half past 10. So I phoned the school and asked them to tell her to be at the medical centre in time and I would meet her there.
They unfortunately told her to go immediately, and while I was in the shower I heard the phone ring. “Where are you ?”said daughter . “At home. ” I say. ” But you are supposed to be here!”. “Wait at the shops, and I’ll get there as soon as.” I say.

The bus wasn’t coming for another 45 minutes, so I pulled on some clothes and grabbed Bertha the Bike out of the shed. I hadn’t cycled for the past year and my legs were burning. I didn’t remember it being so hard. That was when I realised that the front tyre really needed some air! There wasn’t time to go back for the pump, so I kept going.

Eventually met up with daughter and walked up to the hospital/Medical Centre. Whilst I was waiting the dental nurse came out looking very concerned, She sat close to me and said we have the result of your daughter’s x-ray. In those short seconds my brain went wild,thinking oh no they have found something terrible. She leaned forward and whispered ” We have found a CAVITY!”. What a relief, I have little knowledge of dentistry but that was why I had taken her there in the first place. I consented to it being filled .

A boy opposite me was desperately trying to get some soup out of the vending machine, but his money kept falling straight through, so I offered him some 20p’s. The soup he got looked nice, so I thought I’d have some. It comes in a tiny cup of the thinnest plastic imaginable, which slipped straight through my arthritic fingers and slopped all over my jeans scalding my leg. It looked as if I had been rather ill with bits of carrot and pea stuck to my leg. So I put my rucksack over it, and thankfully it dried while I waited. I removed the reconstituted vegetables and croutons that stuck to the seat beside me.
My final act of the day was to sign the forms for D.s treatment and as I lent forward my cycling helmet shot out of my hand narrowly missing the receptionist. I was glad to leave.

I went back to retrieve Bertha after picking up some bread and provisions, I started to pack them into my rucksack when my hand slipped and they fell on the floor. A small gentleman picked them up and remarked ” You want to pack that better!”, I refrained from punching him, as I don’t think my finger joints could have taken it. I really think I should do something about them.

I now had a packed bag but still had no air in the front tyre, so I went and bought a pump that I could ill afford and wheeled the bike to the green and put air in. The return journey was so much easier.I saw my disabled neighbour as I negociated the steps at the back of the garden ,who said “How ya doin Lass? ” and cheered me up. Later I found a bottle of Cava on the doorstep with a little note, which said “From Bill upstairs.” Ahhhh.


3 thoughts on “All fingers and thumbs!

  1. Just a normal day in the life of…………….then? You should write it up as a sketch and offer it to the BBC,
    One thing does stand out, other than your ability to cope with whatever life throws at you, and that is
    that your arthritis needs urgent attention.
    Prayers and blessings.

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