Forward Motion

One of the things that I enjoy about the Church I’m attending just now, is the exegesis, a bible passage taken and explained.I sit transported back in my mind to the little Baptist Church I attended in my twenties, where our Minister,also at the time, a Lecturer at a nearby Bible College took us through the Bible.It is good to be experiencing that again. Today’s reading was from Exodus 13. The Israelites are wandering about in the wilderness, all 3 million give or take a few, having just left Egpyt where they have been slaves for a few hundred years. Like most of us, they desperately wanted out of the bad situation, which they got, but then the complaints began.

“It’s not like we thought it would be.”, “We are all scared to death and Pharaoh and a load of chariots are right behind us.”, “We may as well be dead.” Does that ring a bell? You pray and pray for something, you get it and are dissatisfied. But you blame God.

Things haven’t changed much through the centuries. What are they told to do? 1.Not to fear. 2 Be still, stop panicking and trust. 3 Move forward. (In the Israelites’ case into the Red Sea.Now that does take faith!)

It’s been a lot like that for me lately, but the “family” are settled into a new home, it hasn’t been plain sailing but most of the obstacles have been negotiated by not panicking , praying and allowing God to answer. So that leaves number 3. Move forward. “Moving forward” is different to “moving on”. Moving on implies just a general move from this place to that, moving forward is deliberate.

So moving forward it is ;as the sea bed is dry land. I think I know in which direction I should go.

Isaiah 30:21Living Bible (TLB)

21 And if you leave God’s paths and go astray, you will hear a voice behind you say, “No, this is the way; walk here.

Time to step out.



3 thoughts on “Forward Motion

  1. Connie

    Thank you for these words. A good reminder for me as I’m currently in the “wandering” stage. I’ve been set free from my “Egypt”, but am not yet to my Canaan land.

  2. Vic the Vicar

    I have had so many ups and downs readings and following you over the past (what seems forever) – praying (and assured) Canaan is close by and praying for His strength and enabling,


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