Interview Day.

cartoonToday I went back to school. It was rather a nice school,although they tell me it is going to be rebuilt in the next two years. The pupils that I spoke to were very polite and the atmosphere was warm.

I gave my details to the receptionist who showed me to the Waiting Area for those about to be interviewed. I sat down opposite a very glamorous lady a bit younger than me. My heart sank as I thought about the opposition I was up against. She looked like a classroom assistant already and had an air of competence about her.

She was ushered off to the interview room, but within about 3 minutes the teacher in-charge was back and asked for me. “Did you think I was a bit quick?” He asked. I admitted I was a bit surprised. He proceeded to tell me that the previous candidate had sat down in the chair and declared that she wasn’t prepared to answer questions and had left. I admitted that it was rather strange behaviour at an interview and said that perhaps she needed her solicitor present. The guy did smile.Maybe the poor woman panicked, though I couldn’t help feeling a bit smug.

The interview room was upstairs, along a corridor, up more stairs and along another corridor, which the PE teacher took at break neck speed. When we reached the interview room, the Deputy Head told me that they had a glass of water for me, I said thank you but I rather felt the need for oxygen!

They asked me 5 questions and they seemed to be using the questions that I had found on a TES site, which was helpful, plus I had asked a retired head teacher friend what I might be asked, and he had sent me a list of the kind of answers I might need. So I answered the best I could, although once in the coffee shop with my small Americano I thought of all the things I should have said.

So now we wait. The first question that I had been asked was; that if offered the post, would I take it. Would I? Oh YES! I said that I had two expensive teenagers to keep, so I hope they take that into consideration too.


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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