Come out to play!

Today I had the privilege of helping out at a Mother and Toddler group. It  was something I did weekly when my children were small, and not much has changed .

Children raced around while Mum’s and Dads  drank tea. Small people tottered around balancing precariously on slides, rocked each other into the air on the see-saw and careered around the church in a pink car. Towards the end of the session they got a bit more adventurous and walked their babies in their pushchairs to the front door, so I became a gatekeeper, plus a mediator in a custody battle over one “baby”. I also had to retrieve said baby from the arms of it’s carer as she was leaving the building, which resulted in her being carried to the car park on her mother’s shoulder screaming and I felt terrible.,

Another small boy with beautiful curly hair and a smile that will charm the fairer sex in a few years time , was a button pusher. Now, I am experienced in this, my youngest daughter was a button pusher, any shop alarm, heating appliance and so on with an accessible button was fair game. When  this little chap saw a parent leave by pushing a button ,which opened the door automatically ,his eyes grew wide and I could read his mind. He smiled  disarmingly and said “My Daddy is out there. ” Sorry laddie ,I have 6 children  myself and  know nearly every ploy so I am not so easily fooled.A bit of diversion therapy was necessary here tho ugh he did have a go at the lift buttons on the way back to Mum.

It was a good morning and playing is easy. We should all play more, whatever you like to do, painting,photography cycling or whatever, playing keeps you young! Thanks kids for a fun morning,see you next week!plag



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