The Tape of Many Colours.

Looking for work is a job in itself. Each day I sift through job-sites knowing full well that in this area they are updated every fortnight. One particular organisation takes 3 weeks to process any application , then after the interview, if you are very lucky, in another 3 weeks you may hear if you were successful. If you weren’t you are unlikely to hear a “dicky bird”. ( cockney rhyming slang for “word” if you are reading this overseas.)

In the meantime I fill in the little box on the DirectGov site and wonder if anyone really reads it. As I live too far from the Jobcentre to travel every fortnight I duly fill out my “What I Did” sheet ( which reminds me of Primary School work sheets) and post it. I pay for envelopes and stamps mind you.

I did think that when I began working in 1972 that I would be retired by now, but the goal posts keep moving. I will however get my bus pass next year so I will be able to travel to work for free (unless that get changed too).

I had a letter from a young man called Craig who informed me that he would phone me to interview me about my circumstances. The number on which he was going to ring was an ancient mobile number that someone must have dragged out of an old record because I certainly didn’t give it to the “ladies” at the JobCentre.

I rang Craig to tell him that he needed my landline, he obviously wasn’t busy so I said that I could inform him now to save time ,that there was no change in any of my circumstances. Unfortunately Craig cannot take this information just now ,he must ring me on the appointed date and indicated time to ask me again.

I do have a couple more applications in the pipeline but not many people want to employ Grandma, but I shall keep filling in my forms and waiting 3 weeks for someone to say “No thank you.” and I shall probably continue to talk to Craig about nothing in particular.

What fun! as Miranda’s mother says.

On days when I struggle with forgiveness I feel a bit like Joseph when his brothers threw him down a well and sold him off, but look at how that turned out, (“forgive me as I forgive others..” I know, God is working on it with me!)jo


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