Hugh, Pugh, Barney Mcgrew, Cuthbert ,Dibble and Grub

samI just met some nice firemen in my living room. I lit the fire because it is a very windy night and a bit chilly. It began to blaze away and I was standing there thinking how easily it had lit, when a passer-by banged on the window to tell me that fire was coming out of the chimney of either my flat or the one upstairs,

I went up to the back garden to see a lovely display of sparks cascading over the trees and towards the canal. I yelled to my neighbour who unfortunately had imbibed a little too much and looked at me blankly. After a momentary panic, Matron clicked in and all the fire lectures I have attended over the years.

I threw a bucket of water into the woodburner cutting of the source and dialled 999. It took about 15 minutes for the boys in yellow to find us, and by then it seemed to have gone out. They checked him upstairs and made sure he was safe, looked at me sternly and suggested I get the chimney sweep out tomorrow.

I just felt a bit embarrassed. I’m glad that it was dark and the sparks showed up and I am so grateful to the lady who let me know. The wind is roaring down the chimney and thankfully the temperature outside has risen with it. No more heating until the chimney is done.



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