Toothpaste is the food of love.

Do you remember singing a chorus in the 60’s (if you are old enough!) that went, “And they will know we are Christians by our love,by our love…”. But do they? Do other people look at us and know who we belong to because we exude love?hypocrite.

I am often told that the Church is full of hypocrites and that is the reason some of the folk that I know don’t go. They obviously haven’t seen the poster that says “The Church is not full of hypocrites, there is always room for one more.” Thankfully that is why most of us are there, we know who we want to be and that we always fall short, but again most of us who do attend Church realise that our Father has made it possible for us to spend time with him; we ,flawed human beings can go there because we are forgiven, past, present and future. He saw to that by letting Jesus take the blame for all that we do/have done. He then continues working on us until we spend eternity in his company.

When we understand just how much we are loved and forgiven, it is then that the words of that chorus should show. Since the move, as you know if you read this blog,I have been looking for work. I am sure that the job is out there, I just keep opening doors. In the meantime we live on a very tiny income. I have just been amazed at the love that others have shown us. So many people rallied together to help us move, find furniture and things we needed for the house, then they moved it. They listened to my complaining and my sadness and plied me with coffee and tea<a Friends still come regularly to see me and with them come packets of biscuits, bags of logs,envelopes with a little cash, I even found a £20 note in my kitchen scales and each thing is given in love and as Tesco says "Every Little Helps!". My friends aren't rich but they like to share, I hope that I too am generous. Today I was unpacking a little bag that someone had put in my bedroom, it contained a few luxury items such as hair products and a beautiful scarf, but in the bottom of the bag was a tube of toothpaste as they had noticed our empty tubes in the bathroom, now that is love.


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