partyThe partying time of year is coming around again. I like parties, although I don’t get invited to so many these days. If I do they are very social occasions with grown-up discussions and “mingling” is very much encouraged.

When mingling last year I had an interesting conversation with an elderly lady and noticed that my foot was wet. While she had been talking, her wine glass had been at a slant and she had filled my shoe. It seemed to evaporate quite quickly though.

So far, in the past few weeks, there has been a Hallow’een party, to which my teenage daughter went dressed as a “leopard”. Well sort of, little black dress, ears on a hair band and leopard spot make-up. The most glamorous leopard I have seen.To come are a bonfire night do and a Christmas bash. Her brother partied much earlier in his life and for some reason I always had the attitude of “boys will be boys”, so why is it so much harder to let out the “baby” of the family who has already proved to be extremely sensible?

Her older sisters always phoned to let me know where they were and were always honest about where they were going. I’ve always had a good dialogue with all 6 offspring as they manouvered through their teenage years. Maybe it’s me not wanting to lose the last child into adulthood . I would like to keep her home, but it’s time to let out the imaginary rope again until she decides to cut it in years to come. Weekends with friends are an important part of maturing.

In our christian lives God does the same, He lets us try things out and forgives us when we fall. He allows us to grow but is always there to catch us if things go awry and often do. Journeying the Christian Way has a few troubles ,a few parties and it will all culminate in the party of all parties ,where we throw our crowns about!



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