A return to Oban please?

My friends should always remember that going out with me is always eventful. Today I had an appointment at the Job Center so that they could discuss my lack of employment and why I could wall paper the walls with rejection letters. I caught the bus, having got up at the crack of dawn to walk the dogs, at 9 am. It was a bit late but I thought little of it. We winged our way across the Argyll landscape to Carnasserie where my LFS got on to accompany me on my day out. Half a mile further up the road the bus broke down ,having lost all the water from the radiator. The Driver thought that we would be at least half an hour late, so LFS suggested we walk back and get her car from the car park. We did this and got to Town just in time for the Job Center. I rushed in and was asked why I was there. “For my appointment I say.” “Oh”, they reply “You should have been told to go to L. ” This is 35 miles back the other way where there IS NO Job Center! Of course! Although there wasn’t a soul in the place ,they could not discuss it with me. So of I went to find LFS at Costa. Now everyone should have an LFS, (Little Friend——- fill in the blank with a friends name.) Because she in her calming way ,as steam spurted from my ears, said ” Never mind ,the day can only get better.” And it did. She treated me to a particularly good coffee and mince pie, wandered around the shops with me, helped me do my shopping, which I was going to do on Friday which would have entailed dragging heavy trolleys about and catching the bus. Then she treated me to lunch on the way home, having listened to me prattle on all day.

oban hillsEnglish Standard Version (ESV) Proverbs 9 Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his /her earnest counsel. Sometimes a person just has that gift of bringing things into perspective. God bless you LFS.


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