I hate Christmas, no, that’s not really true. If it weren’t for the events that lead us to celebrate I would be a quivering wreck with no hope for eternity.
I hate preparing for Christmas, I don’t enjoy shopping and I’m pretty hopeless at buying gifts, especially this year on a very tight budget. I was considering what to get my granddaughter, girls still play with dolls don’t they? So I Google “dolly”. Apparently a dolly is a wooden platform with four wheels. I try again a “play dolly”, I won’t tell you what came up this time, but it certainly wasn’t suitable for a child. Eventually I get dolls, do I want a fashion doll or a nurturing doll? A nurturing doll? Who started calling them that. Who does the nurturing, the doll or the child?

You can imagine the scene .Santa ” And what would you like for Christmas little girl?”, “Oh Santa I want a nurturing doll.” Hmm, do you know how much a doll that needs a bottle costs? Over 30 quid!! What happened to nice little dollies to bath and dress?

Why do we feel so pressured to supply expensive presents? I have been without mainstream TV for the last 4 months, LFS’s partner kindly wired me up this week. The first thing that struck the children and I was the adverts. We had been advert free, only picking programmes on iplayer that we wanted. Now we were bombarded with beautiful scenes of luxuriously decorated rooms with heaps of delicious food. It all looks fantastic, and I imagine would be wonderful to experience. But, and I ‘m not going to rant on about the commercialism of Christmas. I like anyone else would like the perfect tree with a steaming golden turkey on the table and loads of colourful presents to unwrap, but this is reality and it won’t happen. I know in my heart it would cause such guilt and that it would be hard to live with, as I consider the homeless and people in third world countries. I don’t need these things but sometimes for a few seconds I get very selfish!

I was reading Credo in the “Saturday Times” this week,this article written by Sheila Watson (Archdeacon of Canterbury) She writes “We go to enormous lengths to protect Christmas- nothing must spoil it. We want a temporary halt in family arguments and worldwide horrors….The power of the Christmas story lies not in its human perfection-for there is none- but in its divine imperfection……..This child, this Christmas comes to offer deep peace in the God who is with us for better for worse, in sickness and in health.”

What a gift we have been given ,it’s yours for the asking, a nurturing God who will stick with us no matter what, and guess what He is absolutely free!


2 thoughts on “Dollies.

  1. Jo priest

    Yes.we don’t do the big com thing and the children grew up thinking we were humbugs, I’m sure they are just realising the truth of Christmas now they are in their 20’s.
    Time love and patience are the most precious gifts.
    Lots of love to you all

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