You’ve done it this time Jim!

Oh dear Jim, even I can’t raise a laugh this time. What I could do to you is not printable here.

I am not responsible for the actions of Royal Mail, I don’t know what they did with my declaration that I send you dutifully every two weeks. I put a stamp on and put it in the box. You claim that you never received it which equals a missed appointment. So your employees cancelled my claim. Do you realised what this caused Jim. I can hardly say your name James.

It has taken 4 phone calls, to people who have no idea what they are talking about or what to do about it. I have listened to numerous recorded messages and have ended up having to reapply for the whole shabang. That means no money Jim, NO MONEY for at least 6 weeks! What are you going to tell the electricity company or my landlord Jim? How do I pay for food Jim? You don’t care, do you Jim ,and nor do any of the people I have phoned. Nothing can be done except on line, eh Jim?

I have to wait for another Jobcentre interview , prove who I am , write another C.V and attend $$%%^&*! interviews and be humiliated all over again. Do you know what I had to do this afternoon JIm? Apply for a crisis loan! The woman asked if I was addicted to drugs or alcohol Jim. I might be if this carries on I said! Then she asked if I had been in prison, well if I was inclined to violence ,which I am not ,that could happen too Jim, if I could get my hands on you! Only joking Jim, but does anyone really care about the unemployed, low incomed or working their guts out in a really low paid job Jim? Nope.

I’m angry Jim, very angry. Who do I vote for in the forth coming election Jim? Will any of them address the factors that make life very uncomfortable for a lot of folk in this country? If you have any ideas Jim let me know, but don’t post them because I might claim not to have received them.Angry


2 thoughts on “You’ve done it this time Jim!

  1. Well!! I am saddened to have to say that it appears that governments the world over are simply not interested in the poor, unemployed, single mothers, and any other group of folk that are not rich and paying taxes.
    Not being a gambling person, I can almost bet that you won’t be reimbursed with your benefit thus enabling you to repay your crisis loan. This whole saga beggars belief!! The sanctimonious actions of those sitting behind a desk in a government establishment is disgusting not to put too fine a point on it.
    Words fail me!
    I do hope and pray that James finds your declarations at the bottom of his in-tray or some other obvious place. Makes me wonder if there would be an apology?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have Mr. Reid M.P. looking into it, I’m not sure that this will make much difference but I feel that I am doing something. My Crisis Loan will not be hard to pay back it amounted to £45! Jim didn’t just stop at Job Seekers Allowance he notified the Council and got my Housing Benefit stopped and I’m just waiting for HMRC to get in the act and stop the Child Tax Credit.

      I have applied for a job with CAB in the hope that I could stand up for people who have decisions made for them by someone unthinking or uncaring. Working on your other suggestion Jenni x

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