So why DOES God allow it?

Kids, if you are going to read my blog today, be prepared to be embarrassed, because I am doing the “Sheldon’s Mother” bit.

Someone asked me if it was right that I believed in God ,then why was my life so difficult.

I’ve been a bit wrapped up in my own problems just lately while some pretty horrific things have been going on in the world. People torturing and killing each other, plane crashes and disease.

Why does God allow it ? , my friend asked. She doesn’t believe in God by the way.

There were some things to consider when answering her and this in no way has all the answers. Is He allowing it?

1. Whether you believe that the Universe was created in 7 days or evolved or suddenly burst into being ;it was created. I believe God created it but I’m not speculating on how he did it
here .

2. Would this be the kind of world a loving God wants? Definitely not! So if He created the Garden of Eden with all the wonderful stuff in it and people in His image what went wrong?

3. He gave us free will. This was a chancy thing to do, but if we didn’t have it we would be God’s puppets. Adam and Eve had a great relationship with Him but when they messed up ,and they found themselves alienated from Him.
4. Not only that but the relationship between the pair of them was never the same.

You’ll have to read a few chapters of Genesis to get the whole picture.

We are not living in the world that God wanted. It has all got warped and twisted. We ,as it’s inhabitants have turned it into a violent and selfish place to be.

So is that it? Are we “doomed” as Fraser says in “Dad’s Army”? Thankfully not because God didn’t leave us like it, He gave us a second chance. We of course murdered His son when He came to help us, but God allowed that to happen so that once and for all, Jesus became our “scapegoat “. He died instead of us paying for what we have done.

Jesus rose from the dead, undoing death. The natural order of things were re-ordered. God hasn’t given up on us, although we continue to hurt one another,hoard riches, and are never satisfied with what we have. “Division,pain predation,cruelty, killing, disease and death.” He tells us get out there and love your neighbour, treat others as you would like to be treated, but most of all Love Him, with all your heart, with all your soul, believe that He gave His son to die for you and that He will never leave you. You will have eternal life.

So, bad things happen in my life but God still loves me and never leaves me, He makes sure that I never go without. I may not be rich ,I may only just have enough in the cupboard to cover our needs. But I am never left to fend alone. He sends friends who love Him and because of that also love me. In my life I have seen quite miraculous things.

We are not puppets we have free will, we are able to get out there and change things for people. My life gets difficult at times because of the I can be a right “narna” and make some blooming awful decisions , it isn’t God’s fault but He does help me sort it out when I admit I got it wrong. We can also help each other.

We can share our resources both physical and financial, we can stand up against the evils in this world. We can change things if we want to, and if we have nothing we can love, it’s free. Just remember that if you already know all of this, someone might be suffering right now and yours is the voice that they need to hear, go out and tell them. It’s the only way we can make a difference until of course Jesus returns, but thats another story……

sheldon's mum


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