Jim me old mate!

Dear Jim,

Well Jim I have the ‘flu, the drains are blocked again and I haven’t heard from you for a fortnight.

Today I tried ringing some of your employees, my goodness Jim , a majority of them are either none too bright, are fed up with Mrs Angry’s like me , or just don’t give a damn about customer service.

I phoned a young lady who cut me off, I phoned her back and I could hear everyone in the call centre Jim but she wouldn’t speak to me. I knew that she was there Jim. When she thought I was fed up enough Jim ,she cut me off again.

I phoned again , another young lady answered Jim, she said that I had no claim because I hadn’t turned up for my appointment Jim. You naughty boy Jim, you didn’t phone me with one! She said I missed Thursdays, I said, ” But I didn’t have one.”, she said “Oh No, it was Tuesdays.”, I said that I didn’t have one then either. Do you know Jim , she said that it must have been Wednesday then. Oh Jim what a muddle! Both those teenagers gave me another number to ring but they don’t deal with my claim Jim. So I tried again, they got fed up with me Jim and said that they were Income Support, but they would transfer me.

I next spoke to Gary Jim, he couldn’t help much but gave me another number for appointments. I was getting a bit irritated by them Jim and had a bit of a ding dong with the next poor boy, who was very patient and tried to change my appointments that I hadn’t been notified about or turned up for. He tried to change my appointment Jim, but the system said that he wasn’t allowed to change it because it had to come from another office, who had already made me appointments without telling me Jim. Are you still with me Jim?

This young man realised that things were not quite what they should be Jim, so he’s phoning Oban who should ring me by 3pm today Jim, to make the appointment so that I can then go and say the same things to them in person Jim. Apparently I can then get an advance on my benefit, and I can then pay them back for it ,which they owe me anyway. Do you know Jim he didn’t once call me by my christian name, he called me Mrs A. which I thought was very polite but he could hear that I wasn’t pleased Mr James.

You really do have to sort out your department Jim, no one seems to know how it works? Do you Jim?


2 thoughts on “Jim me old mate!

  1. Oh my goodness! I have been following your trail of disaster through the benefit system … you couldn’t make this stuff up! I am totally flabbergasted at the level of incompetency they have managed to achieve, they surely must have PhD’s in ‘messing people about’ and ‘being completely clueless’ at the very least. But the awful thing is that if this is happening to you it must be happening to others, how many lives are being throw into utter chaos and stress because of this dreadful system, and unfortunately the attitude of those working in the job centres. Keeping you and the family in our prayers, hope you it gets resolved soon xx

  2. I tried to look for a little ray of sunshine within your saga … could only come up with ‘thank goodness the call centre wasn’t on the sub-continent [as is our telephone company]. Otherwise darkness, a “I can’t believe this” darkness prevails.
    I do hope your 3 o’clock phone call actually came, but somehow I suspect you are still waiting.
    Seriously, do you have an Ombudsman? This kind of incompetence is well beyond the pale [or is that pail … a hole in the bucket kind of pail]. Easter is fast approaching and it looks as though there will be little, or no action, until after that. Another month gone!
    I think at this stage I would be almost beyond the hair pulling out stage … thinking of you and your trials and sincerely hoping it is sorted out Quickly!

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