Carry on Matron

For those of you who haven’t got bored with this saga, I will continue.

I eventually got an appointment to go to the Job Centre. I got the 9am bus to get me there at the back of 10.When I got there ,they had the application I had made that nobody could find previously, but apparently I hadn’t filled it out properly. It wasn’t the same one. I said, “This is not the form I filled on line.” They said , ” “Oh no it isn’t, “the system ” hasn’t accepted it as a rapid reclaim, it’s done a new one.” I’ve heard a lot about “This System.” It seems to power most of the computers at the DWP all by itself, without any human intervention.

I sat and waited while lots of people fiddled with their systems and the Person who interviewed me last time, who can’t spell even with spell check, smiled sweetly and led me to her desk. I noticed that her chair was higher than mine again, so I sat on my rucksack. ( Actually I noticed that all the interviewee chairs are lower than the interviewers!)

She told me that I had missed my appointment, now the person before had said this and that it had been sent by text. I said that as I had no mobile phone this could have been the reason I didn’t get it, she said that she would make a note of that.. The second person said no, it had been sent by text but to my landline. I said well I hadn’t got that one either.

So we went through the rigmorole of looking at my existing claim,” I’ll make sure that I save this one.” says the possibly dyslexic one. I look at her, so what happened to the last one I think, ” I don’t know where I saved it.” she said. Now I am angry, now I am back in my office as a Matron. I ask questions that have been building up for months, everyone looks up from their computers, she gives no proper defence and I am off, just as if I have a load of junior staff who have committed some heinous crime such as poor patient care. I chew her head off and spit it out. Everyone ducks behind their screens. In the work place the result of this rollocking would be repentance and a lesson learned. Here they make soothing noises, agree with me with false smiles, then more or less say that it wasn’t their fault it was “M” at another town.

I get it all reinstated, and feel drained. I have achieved very little. It will keep on happening , it could be a young Mum with small children, or a young single parent Dad for that matter, who go without income for weeks. They may not have wonderful friends like me. I lecture them on changing the system but I know that this huge Government department is poorly run. They don’t help people find work, they behave like a bank for the poor, and enjoy the power. They have jobs and do them badly, not through any fault of their own really but because the attitude of society towards the unemployed is that it is their own fault.

I shall put my soap box and starched cap away now. If I get the job I have applied for at the CAB, you can be sure I’ll do all I can to get folk justice.

Treated myself to a coffee as they refunded my fare, and watched the wind convert the harbour into a boiling cauldron. Then it snowed. I didn’t care. It is over….for the time being.matron


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