Pigs and Binoculars.

It took some weeks to prepare for Messy Church. I am used to working with a well oiled team who all knew what they were doing. If we started a session and realised that something was missing, you could be sure that someone else would turn up with it, and I nearly always forgot the milk.

Having done a bit of everyone else’s job this time for my new church I really appreciated all the work that they had put in.

But my tiny team of volunteers were troopers on the day! These busy busy folk who seem to hold the church congregation together also supported me!

So, we learnt about the “Prodigal son.” How he spent his inheritance on “wine, women and song” even before his Dad had passed on,ending up on the pig farm with absolutely nothing. He had to return home, hoping his Dad would have him back , and Dad rushed down the road to meet him and threw a party in his honour. We learned that ,that is how God is, when we return to him in sorrow and wanting to make it up to Him we are received with open arms.

I tied it in with the theme of our “Discovery Group” who have been studying “The Prodigal God ” on a Tuesday evening with the Minister.

There was a good cross section of the congregation there, aged from about 45 -87 and it was wonderful to see them making pigs and binoculars, garlands and cards whilst chatting away to each other.This one was just for our “grown ups” ,so that they can decide whether they would like to have it on a regular basis.

We had stories, sang songs, which they had not sung before but joined in lustily and after a health warning they joined in the actions of the Party Story and no one was stretchered out!

We enjoyed bacon rolls in keeping with the theme and folk admitted that they had had fun.





Fresh and Green

If you think it’s been a bit quiet on here just lately, you would be right. All the problems with “Jim at the Jobcentre” knocked me sideways for a bit, but we here we are again out the other side.

Not without some wonderful happenings, the friend, who whilst I had no income sent a cheque that exactly covered my rent and Council Tax unasked. Having my Mum and sister here for my 60th birthday with one of my older daughters I don’t get to see as often as I would like. I don’t get to see enough of any of my children and their families, I miss them all , but life is full to the gunnels all the time.

During the last 10 months I have been wondering what the next adventure was to be and on Saturday a new Messy Church will be born. I had felt that I should be attending my local church, and a few months ago offered to help with outreach if there was anything that I could do. So with an enthusiastic team of over 70’s (and our story teller who is 86 and raring to go) we are embarking on our first Messy Church on Saturday!

Psalm 92 V 2 says:
They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green,

These folk are definitely “fresh and green”. I’m looking forward to working with them as they envisage a “church with families” and they don’t mean in the pews on Sunday. They have a big vision and I’m proud to be apart of it.

Whatever your age there’s stuff for you to do, and an “ark” that needs building in your neighbourhood. Go for it.

I also have an Interview next month (date to be arranged) for a “Youth and Family worker” post, so if you have a few moments to pray about it I would be grateful. I no longer count any chickens, but it would improve our financial position greatly and I would be doing the work I love. Thanks.xTree