Jobs ,or not, as the case seems to be.

A quick update on the job situation. I didn’t get the first post, although I was told that I interviewed well so they would consider me for a second post, same job” Family and Youth Worker”. The HR left a message on Friday to say sorry they had missed me they would drop me an e.mail. No e.mail was forth coming so I had to wait all weekend. They rang this morning to tell me that I didn’t get this post either.

Apparently  I was told that they were again impressed by my interview ,that my presentation was extremely good, I have a wealth of experience and many transferable skills and should keep looking and applying for jobs on their web site. So I asked why didn’t I get the job? A big pause followed, and the person on the other end tried to think, “Well they just had more experience…”.

I suspect ,and I don’t blame them ,that “more experience” probably means that they were younger  and held a driving licence, but I’m just surmising. To have more years of experience would put them in their dotage!

So , back to the drawing board, I have plenty to fill my days but nothing brings in money and hearing on the radio this morning about impending cuts to Tax Credits  the future could sound a bit scary.

I want to get very cross and shout about unfairness and what on earth does God think He is doing but then he is Jehovah Jireh, my provider. God rules OK!provide

Seeing through my glasses darkly.

Ok so I have got an interview at long last for a Youth and Family Worker. In the letter I got confirming the date and time ,I was given the wrong address. Instead of the town I am going to, the HR assistant, Nicola, had written “Duncan”. This is not a town in Mid-Argyll. I romantically believe, because I am a softy at heart, that perhaps Nicola was thinking of Duncan, when she was writing my letter. Probably it was something like Auto Correct, but I prefer to believe the other scenario and hope that they are happy.

I read that the interview was an hour long, cogs whirr, brain connects and it suddenly dawns on me that perhaps some kind of presentation is involved, so I e.mail them. “Oh Yes! ” they say “We forgot to tell you.” Must be Nicola daydreaming again. So, I get out all my relevant books, literature  and stuff ,and go mad on Google. I write lots of notes and think that tomorrow I will write it all up.

So I wake up this morning and look in the mirror. Oh my! One eyelid is bright red and twice the size of the other!!!! All the information I have read says “Keep eye contact,when delivering your presentation.” My goodness who wants to keep eye contact with someone that looks like the cartoon cat Tom, when Jerry just poked him in the eye! Yuk!

I had to go up to “Town” today, so I thought that I would pop into Boots the Chemist. You know how the adverts tell you to speak to your pharmacist and she will save you trying to get an appointment with your G.P. sometime in the next 3 weeks if you are lucky? I asked to speak to the pharmacist , she came over and I pointed out the problem and said “I’ve got an interview, I can’t go like this!” ” Eeeyew! ” she said ” You should see a Doctor!” I explained I hadn’t got time before the important date. “You could try Specsavers” she suggested. This didn’t appeal to me either, so I suggested that she might have some ointment that would reduce the swelling, she thought for a moment , “There is something .” she said, going to a shelf. “Oh no, we don’t have any.” At that I gave up and left. All I needed , I thought was a little Chloramphenicol and it would probably do the trick. But who am I to argue with a professional.

I wander along in the rain, it is June and the temperature according to a lady in a coffee shop registered 6.5 degrees in her car, and the wind is blowing ferociously and I am freezing and I can only see properly out of one eye!. I pass a little private chemist and go in to see if they have a pharmacist. They do, Sylvia is older than ME! “Hmm.” she barks looking at my eyelid, “Chloramphenicol!” and shoves a tube in my hand. “Don’t forget to bathe it with salt water.” she commands. Sylvia may lack any bedside manner, but I trust her.I manage to get my shopping and get the bus back home, the wind is blowing a “hoolie” and the rain is now torrential!

So now I am typing through a blur of cream. I do hope I shall appear less scary by Thursday or I won’t know where to look! Perhaps dark glasses would be the thing to wear, but definitely not in this weather! Do pray!