Jobs ,or not, as the case seems to be.

A quick update on the job situation. I didn’t get the first post, although I was told that I interviewed well so they would consider me for a second post, same job” Family and Youth Worker”. The HR left a message on Friday to say sorry they had missed me they would drop me an e.mail. No e.mail was forth coming so I had to wait all weekend. They rang this morning to tell me that I didn’t get this post either.

Apparently  I was told that they were again impressed by my interview ,that my presentation was extremely good, I have a wealth of experience and many transferable skills and should keep looking and applying for jobs on their web site. So I asked why didn’t I get the job? A big pause followed, and the person on the other end tried to think, “Well they just had more experience…”.

I suspect ,and I don’t blame them ,that “more experience” probably means that they were younger  and held a driving licence, but I’m just surmising. To have more years of experience would put them in their dotage!

So , back to the drawing board, I have plenty to fill my days but nothing brings in money and hearing on the radio this morning about impending cuts to Tax Credits  the future could sound a bit scary.

I want to get very cross and shout about unfairness and what on earth does God think He is doing but then he is Jehovah Jireh, my provider. God rules OK!provide


5 thoughts on “Jobs ,or not, as the case seems to be.

  1. I really have nothing useful to say except that I am sorry you are not having any luck at present. I will of course, continue to pray for you.
    Don’t give up Jenny, there is something out there. X

  2. I am sorry to hear you missed out on these positions, but I am afraid that these days anyone over the age of 45 is considered old! Experience doesn’t appear to count, nor do life experiences which are most likely high on the list of what these jobs would have entailed.
    Another door must be starting to open for you! [How is the writing going? I still see you making pocket money in that field, if only enough to buy a coffee, or an icecream, but even pocket money adds to confidence and confidence helps in the job market.]

    1. You are quite right Shirley, the Government insists that I work until I am 66 and a few months but noone wants to employ me. I am still working on the writing, not as often as I should. I am getting another Messy Church established and have just advised another Church how to get started but unfortunately no income is involved there. Thank you for prompting me to get the “book” finished! xx

  3. Vic the Vicar

    Prayers and shouts of frustration continue 🙂

    What’s the chance of going up against a centurion youth and families worker who wants the same job as you? No wonder you didn’t get it!

    Feel the pain, enjoy the raised eyebrows and trusting in the Lord for you,


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