Can you prove that?

If you are in the throes of getting one of your little darlings off to Uni or College, I feel for you, I really do!

We have filled out form after form and electronically scanned dozens of pieces of paper to accompany them. Although I have developed a hatred of printers, it took me two hours this morning to get it to recognise the new ink cartridge. Thank goodness for the nice man on You Tube! It sends me messages when I am desperately trying to get yet another document printed and says “Printer is busy.” as if it hasn’t got time for me just at the moment. I have learned tricks on how to get it to do what I want, creeping up on it and pressing buttons ,shouting “ha ha got you!!”

We have searched for and applied for grants and bursaries and yesterday breathed a sigh of relief as it all disappeared into the  airwaves… but NO, it all comes pinging back!

The e.mail says, “You didn’t send proof of this…”  “But you didn’t ask for it! “, we cry! So we scan and send more. The most irritating reply was “Have you thought about going back to school?” Going back to school ?, he’d be gone 20 by the time he left!!!! If you don’t want to give us the grant ,just say so!

Then there is THE STUFF, a three column list of requirements from a toothbrush to bin liners to enough socks and boxers to prevent him having to do too much washing, he says! We have an enormous list on the wall and every time we think of something else it grows, a tin opener being the latest addition.

I chat to the lady on the phone at the student accommodation, she is soothing, how many other neurotic mothers has she dealt with today. When she tells me how many international students they have, I think, he’s only moving about 150 miles away, these folk are coming from other countries and different cultures. It puts things in perspective.

I am still applying for jobs, the latest doesn’t interview until October, so I have time to get the boy away first. Had another meeting with “Jim ” at the Jobcenter who suggested that I did a course. Apparently they had a very good one lately on planting a herb garden. No I am not joking, I didn’t know quite what to say ,so I think I smiled and said ,”Lovely.”. I live in a flat, and I don’t think a herb garden would help my employment status , or am I missing something?   Maybe a mustard seed is worth considering in all this though?

I have learnt a lot more about admin lately though.Anyone want a crazy woman who shouts at printers ?


Everybody go surfing, surfing in the Uk…

Thank you to all of you who sent messages of support and prayers following my last application. I have just spent the last two days filling out, what seemed,  the most high faluting ,complicated application form yet. This time for the “other side” Church. I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached the end yesterday having chased moving letters around small boxes that jumped into other boxes when ever I pressed “enter” , struck my head against the computer screen and growled enough to frighten the dogs, only to find …that it said “e.mail with C.V.”!

Why? I am just going to repeat the information that I have just spent hours putting on the last form. Arrrrrgh! So I went to the Guardian site and found a template that puts the same information in a different way so that you don’t realise that you are reading the same things . Good old Guardian. It gave me a chance to say how wonderful I might be at the job too, no lies, just a tiny tiny bit of exaggeration perhaps???. But I am not holding my breath because it becomes like an emotional roller coaster, you hope and hope and hope and you get right to the top of the incline and teeter on the edge and then  the letter comes that begins ,”We thank you for your interest in …blah blah blah..” and you drop down the track like a lead weight.

So now, as my two fingers are sore from typing, ( of course I knew what generic programming was and computer languages??? really ?? I can learn! it was only a small part of the job anyway.25a608d35db37e84475b89d4aa4ae64b) I will go and do something that doesn’t require my brain to hurt, and possibly sign up for one of those Silver Surfer computer courses.