Pootle Day

To pootle: to travel slowly with no real purpose. My friend posted a painting of a cottage beside a river and commented that it was a place to pootle. Thank you Sian, I needed to be reminded to “Pootle”.

Pootling or pooteling is a biblical word you know. King David did a bit of pooteling in Psalm 23. Just lately I have been rushing about getting busy sorting out the family and now we are within days of youngest daughters exam results too. Families are getting everyone ready to return to education here in Scotland. But sometimes we need a day off from everything, to get our heads straight, to allow our bodies some rest, to appreciate those around us and our environment.

It’s time to pootle.Image result for Pooh bear philosophy” He leads me beside quiet waters, He makes me lie down in green pastures. ” says David talking about God. So today, lets have a pooteling day, wander by some quiet water, in your head if you haven’t any near by, lie down in some green pastures and relax. Don’t say too much ,just listen out for God’s voice ….