Ay, eee, oi, ow, yew.

My divorce will be finalised in a few days so I have been toying with surnames. I looked at both my Grandmothers’ maiden names, and my Mothers’ but none struck me as suitable. I had my first married name as long as I had my maiden name but that was also the name of a disreputable character in a Daniel Defoe novel, so that was out.

The second married name , had to be signed very carefully . In my handwriting it took on a bovine quality and correspondence sometimes arrived addressed to Mrs Cow. I apologise again to anyone with this surname if it exists.

I need to cast off my existing married name (now I sound like a female version of Henry VIII, died ,divorced… so should this one should have been beheaded… only joking.) because, as my ex-husband has probably found, living within a few miles of each other but not together with a very unusual name, has caused many explanations to be given over the past year.

So I am returning to my maiden name. This is not without its difficulties too. It looks German, but our family originated, according to my Grandfather ,from Vikings. However, people have great difficulty pronouncing it. At school, clever teaching types pronounced it as if we suffered from flatulence, and my sister and I practically crawled under the chairs in Grammar School assemblies when form groups were announced . I don’t know if my many cousins had the same problem.

As our family moved from the West Country to Sussex with my Great Grandfather. The A is just that; pronounced “AY”, not “ar” or “at”
just “ay”.
So I shall be VATER, “vayter”, and proud of it. Once when assisting a surgeon with a Gastroscopy, he offered to show me the Ampulla of Vater within the patient’s innards but I declined , because it was pronounced wrongly and I felt for the poor man that we were exploring.

Facebook won’t let me change it without uploading at least two forms of photographic proof, which I don’t have yet of course. I have a wallet full of plastic that will need updating and no doubt “Jim” at the JC will have much to say about it, after he cuts of my money for trying to impersonate someone else!

As I have no inclination to ever change my surname again, there are just not enough boxes on forms, and anyway I have enough trouble remembering other peoples without trying to guess my own; so ifhome you hear me even contemplating it ,please bring me to my senses!

2 thoughts on “Ay, eee, oi, ow, yew.

  1. Congratulations on the new chapter in your Life. My daughter has married twice, engaged to be married a third time and she went back to her maiden name after divorce No 2 … she is contemplating new husband to be’s name after the wedding. But there are difficulties; legal documents such as passports and driver’s licence.
    I think your maiden name quite distinctive!! I hope you live up to its distinctiveness:)
    However while there were ‘questions’ as to your identity between you and ex, rest assured there will be as many queries re you taking your maiden name. Such are folk:)

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