Armourial Underwear

I am becoming increasingly aware that I am getting older but though your body ages, your inner self does not. I try to ignore it most of the time. I can still break into a jog, especially when the dog is chasing my daughter’s cat and trying to despatch it to a higher realm.I can still cycle, I may have a problem remembering peoples names,I always hope that something in the conversation will bring what’s on the tip of my tongue to my mind,and why did I go into that room , what was it I wanted? If I go on a long walk with the dogs my body shuts down later and I fall asleep on the sofa.

Then, as is well known by people my age, at parents evening I am aware that my daughter is being taught by “Youths”, some Doctors look as if they are only just out of school and bus drivers treat me as if I’m senile as I have a free pass.

I have suddenly begun to get more post too! Catalogues. These contain pictures of extremely wide shoes, underwear fit for a mediaeval knight and all kinds of gadgets to help you with problems with your body, that you just hope you never encounter!

I have been reading Billy Grahams book, “Nearing Home”,written now that he is 93. A really inspiring piece of writing, you can tell what kind of attitude he has to ageing as the first chapter is called “Running Toward Home”.The first sentence says,”Growing old has been the greatest surprise of my life”. With all the media “information” we are given, I too am surprised that any of us make old age. Everyday TV , radio and magazines tell us how many of us will get terminal illnesses and that we should be ever watchful and take this test or that. Wouldn’t advertisements that tell us to get on with life ,stop worrying about ourselves and enjoy the time on earth we have been given be better?

2 Corinthians 5:1 tells us ” Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,we have a building from God,an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.”

Not everyone makes old age or even middle age, but we are not meant for this world alone. We are meant for Heaven.We have a soul, a spirit made in God’s image. The body that you have now will one day cease functioning. Death is not the end. We will live on, the Bible tells us so. It will either be “in Heaven with God or in a place of loneliness and despair ..totally separated from God.”

Jesus said “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you…that you also may be where I am.”John 14:2-3 Heaven is real.

“Don’t let another day go by without Christ.” Billy says. If you put your faith in Him, you belong to him and nothing can separate you from Him, not even death.

In the meantime let’s get living, don’t spend time on the “what if’s” take a day at a time and live it. Wear heels, a balcony bra, winkle pickerslive , whatever you like ,whatever your age. Don’t spend time waiting for a crisis. LIVE!

8 thoughts on “Armourial Underwear

  1. mumlog+louise

    Totally agree!!

    Louise xx

    On 22.10.2015 13:13, theministersmrs wrote:

    > theministersmrs posted: “I am becoming increasingly aware that I am getting older but though your body ages, your inner self does not. I try to ignore it most of the time. I can still break into a jog, especially when the dog is chasing my daughter’s cat and trying to despatch it” > >

      1. Thank you so much … I so needed to read this today. Too long a story to explain, but growing old has recently taken on a rather sinister overtone having been diagnosed as diabetic. I needed a new perspective. Thank you x

      2. God is too good to be unkind,too wise to be mistaken and when you cannot trace his hand, you can trust his heart. Charles Spurgeon.

        Peace I leave with you; my peace I now give you and bequeath to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled,neither let them be afraid. John 14 27 Amplified.

  2. Great insight and very encouraging for those of us who are, what should we say …… on the way to becoming ‘chronologically challenged’. Not that I’d ever admit it of course, I come from a long line of women who refused to act their age. I used to suggest to my Mum when she was in her 80’s that she might enjoy going along to the local seniors lunch club, her answer was always the same….. Och no, they’re for old people!!! I plan to do exactly the same 😉

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  4. Old?? I had a birthday yesterday which has definitely put me into the category of wiser woman [who admits to elderly today?] and have absolutely no intention of growing old. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
    While I may admit to not remembering a person’s name until several hours later that is simply because my computer memory [read brain cells] have so much information in them they take longer to retrieve.
    I have never yet received mail for wider shoes, knights armour … the latter might bring a laugh!
    Enjoy today:)

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