I hate “CHURCH”.

I am going to say something shocking. If you are a Church goer you might tutt, or feel sorry for me or you might agree.

I hate going to Church. There I said it.

I haven’t always felt like that. I look back at times when I couldn’t wait to get there. To hear what God had been doing in people’s lives. Enjoying learning something new and singing songs to worship the God I adore.

So what has changed. Not my belief, that has grown in spades and I am absolutely assured that Jesus rose from the dead and that He was tortured and executed on my behalf so that I know where I am going when I die, to live eternally with him.

That is the most awesome, fantastic thing in the Universe. I’m going to one day leave this world and be forever with the one person who loves me unconditionally.

In the meantime I’m told not to give up meeting with like-minded folk, and Bean in Serviceto tell others about Jesus, well if you knew you were on the path to heaven and you could see your friends, relatives and neighbours setting off down another path, would you keep it to yourself? No.

I’m told that “the sabbath” is God’s day when we spend time with Him. So I go and sit in a pew, and like a Mr Bean sketch, I hear a lot being said from the front which I have a tendency to switch off from most days. I try to join in the prayers and I get chatting away to God and find that everyone has finished and gone on to something else before I’m ready. There are a few Hymns interspersed with the rhetoric, some I know, some I don’t, but played at half speed and if all are in a minor key, I can feel quite depressed about it all.

I wonder if God looks down at it all and says “Is that all you can manage ,after all I have done for you?”. Now I know not all Churches are like this, I have been to some very good ones where people of all shapes and sizes from drug addicts to Judges are welcomed and have a great time together; but with no public transport on a Sunday and living out in the sticks, there isn’t a lot of choice.I did get the chance to go to something at the other extreme last week, but it scared me silly and I come from a “charismatic” background.

So if I don’t want to go, I have every sympathy with you if you don’t want to either. But don’t miss out on what Jesus has done for you ,just because some of His followers misrepresent Him.

8 thoughts on “I hate “CHURCH”.

  1. I do understand where you’re coming from but luckily for me belong to a church whose rituals please me. It is an Anglo Catholic approach (what used to be called ‘High’ church) and the style suits me well.
    What doesn’t suit half so well is the usually lengthy and often very boring sermon on Sundays, our current incumbent is long-winded to say the least, but the rest of the service and the music more than make up for his shortcomings.
    It has been said that all roads lead to Rome, this being so, I suppose the routes will vary considerably.
    Grin and bear (if you can).

  2. Leigh

    I understand. And it is interesting that you should write of this now. This was the subject of our sermon Sunday. I confess it has been many years since I’ve awakened on a Sunday excited to go to “church”. The Lord, in His mercy, has reminded me often of my selfish heart in worship and I still struggle. For me, I very often forget why I am to assemble with other believers every week. It is not to receive something for myself, it is to give my God a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving in the midst of the Body for its edification, not mine. We are to assemble to encourage and exhort one another to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the One Who is our life. As I say, I understand and pray that all our hearts may be continually re-focused to know Him, and Him only. Blessings to you!

    1. You are quite right Leigh, we are there to encourage one another. I feel very guilty because of this when I find an excuse not to go. Not a very valid excuse either. These experiences usually end up making us stronger as I suspect this will.

  3. I am so grateful that I am currently ‘enjoying’ my church. Though it’s not about me and what I get out of it, I do need something to draw me in. So I completely understand … xx

  4. Not sure if I’m an atheist now, but my former church definitely SHOVED me in that direction:

    I decided to attend church (because I was invited by a friend in July 2013) and it was good for awhile, but then their “true colors” emerged. The pastor’s wife asked me after service (one Sunday in late November 2013) if I had pre-marital sex with my fiancé (because she knew about a 3 day vacation we took to Biloxi, MS during the previous month)

    Note: I’m a divorced mother with 3 children from a previous marriage

    I answered her honestly (big damn mistake) and she swiftly escorted me to a conference room, where all the church elders were eagerly awaiting my arrival, plus her husband (the pastor was there too)

    They started preaching to me, and quoting various passages from the Bible, etc.

    I started shaking, and went into a full-blown panic attack. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t even BREATHE.

    I ran from the room & hid inside a utility closet, wishing my panic attack would stop!

    Then the pastor’s wife FOUND me, and her husband following right behind her.

    It was hours of harassment that they forced onto me. I was taken by complete surprise & felt trapped in a room surrounded by so-called Christians…

    I married my fiancé a few months later…

    However, I will NEVER trust another church for the remainder of my life.

    I never in a million years expected that type of experience from any church.

    One of the church elders sent me a note written on the church bulletin every week (saying how much they missed me) this was constant for almost 2 years after I ran out the doors in tears (and in a full blown panic attack)

    Then they wrote me a full page heart-felt letter describing how they want me to reconsider attending, 1 year after I ran out the door.

    It was a nightmare they put me through, something I cannot ever forget how they “bullied” me.

    I hate her for that unnecessary BS she spewed onto me.

    And to make this even more unbearable, this Pastor’s wife teaches 3rd grade at my children’s school. I’m thankful that my child has the other 3rd grade teacher.

    Because I’d say “over my dead body will I allow my child to be in her class”

    And I saw the Pastor’s wife at my favorite salon (we both were in the color processing room at the same time for over an hour) and she refused to acknowledge me, or even look at me directly. Like she was too good for me, SMH

    I feel that this woman is EVIL!

    I have great anxiety about putting myself or my children into any situation where we may be judged (due to me being divorced)

    Vale Church of Christ judged me harshly due to me being divorced, and IDK why.

    Like am I supposed to stay in an abusive relationship and die at the hands of my husband, or stand by my man while he beats me in front of my children?

    The church pastor actually refused to marry me in October 2013- then his wife bullied me in November 2013 because I was not married‼️

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