Do we smell good?

I read this the other day, ” Don’t look back it’s not the way you are going.”  A renowned philosopher, Kirkegaard said ” Life is lived forwards but understood backwards.”

Despite my last blog, which gave the impression that I might stop attending Church, I haven’t, well only because I had a chest infection. there is nothing worse than the person that keeps coughing through the bits you are trying to hear.

I did get to a point when I had to have a rant about what we are doing to Churches, and I don’t mean the buildings.

Pat Rollins says, “Winnie the Pooh is one of the greatest philosophers,  He get’s dragged down the stairs bumping his head on every step.” The poem asks “Is there a better way to come down stairs?”

“Church”; say that word to most people and they will tell you about the stone or brick building down the road that sometimes has a pointy bit on top. If you live in England, and I miss this , there are bells. Some are beautiful buildings with amazing architecture and steeped in history,sometimes it’s a borrowed school or community center ,other times a chapel. But on the whole Church is thought of as a building.

But if there’s no one in it, is it a church? Church should be a space, where you can go in and leave your “stuff” at the door. Where you are suspended in God’s presence, aware but unaware of those around you. Sharing in worship. Rick Warren suggests that when believers worship, those who as yet don’t know God will be drawn to him.

We need to create a space where God can work. If you go into a supermarket and you smell the bread baking ,you catch the aroma. You want to taste it. They tell you that that is one of the ways to sell your house, put bread in the oven for that wonderful homely smell. That is what we as Christians should be, an “aroma”. We should smell good!

If I was able I would get the lovely lady who writes the “Postcards from Heaven” blog, (do read it if you haven’t yet) to paint a nice picture of steaming bread.

An Anarchist  was apparently heard to say “The only church that illuminates is a burning one.”  We need to be on fire and get those ovens hot! (not in the Hansel and Gretel mode!)

Don’t look back, move forward.


Let’s give up “church” for Lent!!!!     Let’s make it the place people want to be.



I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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