I know you know, but do I know?

Someone said..“If you think you know everything; you know nothing. If you think you know nothing; you know something.”

In my 20’s and 30’s I thought that I had a grip on most things, black was black and white was white. I had views on most things.

In my 40’s and 50’s I began to wonder, were the views and beliefs I held right? Did I really know as much as I thought I did.
Now in my 60’s I think I know a lot less than I ought to.

As I get comments about how old my qualifications are ,when I apply for jobs ,I thought I would update them. This I concluded would give me a fairer chance against younger people who applied for the same jobs.

So I applied for a long distance University Course. I was told, because I am so ancient, I would have to start with the “access” course. Ok , I thought ,this will get me back into studying.

I read through the list of text books I would need, how disappointing. These were exactly the same books I had used on a similar course over 30 years ago and the volumes were dusty and beginning to curl at the edges on my book shelves.

Well I thought , the New Testament is 2000 years old and still absolutely spot on ,even in today’s society so lets give it a go.

The first text book, I didn’t have ,so I bought a copy, I read it . Wow, I thought there is something not quite right here. This was supposed to be my first foray into Theology, on a course which future leaders in the church might embark.
So I read it again, did some research into it and tried to identify what was amiss.

I duly sent in my assignments to my Tutor, who is probably used to dealing with younger more pliable minds than mine. My criticisms of the text should be more general, I was told.

I have come to the conclusion that the Author of my text book, is misogynistic and homophobic. The theology peddled out is from a tradition set in the 17th Century. It appalls me that this can be used as an introductory text to begin someone’s career.

I may not know much, but for the Church to be relevant to those in society now, we really have to address the training of those who will lead it. Do I continue with the course, will I stay sane if I do or will I run screaming down the canal in pure frustration throwing text books into the water!

I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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