Through out life I have worn many hats. from Student nurse to Matron, Missionary, Wife,Mum, Sister, Grandma and back to Student. I am always learning whether it’s just in the course of everyday life or organised by an official body. If you have an open mind, life is very exciting.

I got married again in December 2010 and became a Minister’s wife.I recorded my view of Manse life . Sometimes I got things right,sometimes I put both feet in it.

I fell in love with Jesus in my teens, and have been following him, sometimes by the scenic route for 36 years, and it is dangerous but exhilarating!

After 3 1/2 years my clergy husband decided that marriage was not for him, so off I go on new adventures as master of my own ship, and as I am of Viking  descendency, a long boat at that! My crew are my 6 children and 5 grandchildren . (plus 2)


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