Any friends reading this ,please pray for writer Mike Dellosso. He is struggling his way through chemo and needs prayer support.

God Bless you!

Keep right on…….

This Blog was supposed to be a diary of my student life,but as per usual I have gone off on tangents.

A friend once said that I never travel from a to b in life,but that I always seem to travel in a spiral…getting there eventually.This is possibly true, but does make the journey more interesting.

I love traveling,airports, stations all are exciting.I love catching the bus over to Hamilton for lunch with a friend, which I do most weeks. The bus seats are so much higher than a car and I can see the Isle of Arran if there is no cloud ,and, across towards Glasgow over the moors. For those of you who haven’t been,Ayrshire resembles Sussex, with its undulating hills.

Life is a journey.I like to look at it like that, because it means you don’t have to stand still.Where ever you maybe at that moment, you know, that in time you will move on to some other situation.Good or bad, but ever moving.

I have decided to give the Theology a rest for the moment, mostly for financial reasons, although I’ll keep up my own theological investigations, because God is SO interesting and exciting!
Having applied for many jobs and realising that everything these days depends on a paper qualification ,and experience counts for nothing,I am going to enrol at evening classes at the local college to obtain said piece of paper…if they will let me in with the pieces of paper I have gained SO far!

In a year I can study a course as a classroom assistant,bit far from the R.E. teacher I so wanted to be…but needs must. I will keep you posted.

Summer has been good, days out in Glasga, Troon, Loudon and gooseberry picking in next doors garden.

Autumn seems to be returning to Scotland fast, a new accademic year for most of the family.

Tony and Dee back at school, Harriet and Matt at College, Lizzie working and Holly bringing up her lovely boys.

So the journey continues……..