It’s a dogs life.

Yesterday whilst my spaniel was playing in the burn,as he does everyday I think he may have stood on a broken bottle. (Despite being away from the town,youths and others like to drink in the woods then dispose of the bottle anywhere they feel convenient.)

I didn’t notice until I was half way home just how much he was bleeding. I managed to half carry him to the courtyard outside the house and whilst trying to arrest the bleeding and apply a dressing, my neighbour came to tell me that “fayther” now rants at night and had been given a sedative. Unfortunately this had had the effect ,as is usual, that he didn’t sleep much better at night but was drowsy all day and fell in the bathroom. Help was apparently summoned from the big house.

I must say that I have remembered most of this today as at the time I was more concerned about preventing the dog going into shock, as the red inside of his lips were getting paler by the minute. Without a car and no finance for a vet, he is being nursed by me. I have pulled the sides of the wound together and stopped the bleeding. This seemed to take longer than in a human being, but of course you can’t get a dog to elevate a limb! I did managed to get him to lie on his back for a while.

I wondered what I would find this morning, but whilst he was sniffing about on some soft mossy grass ,he managed to get the dressing off and I was pleased to see a healthy looking congealed gash. If I can keep him from walking on it too much I think it will be ok.

I must find Mrs B today and apologise for not listening when she obviously needed an ear. Fayther was out and about early this morning, heaving the bucket of coal up the outside steps (all 14 of them that lead to their stable cottage opposite ours). He throws the bucket over the side, his wife fills it from the coal shed and he hauls it up.Team work.. perhaps it explains why they have been together for SO many years……………